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Name Title Total Pay
Steven Betts ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF $158,546
Perry Guido FIRE CHIEF $151,062
Kurt M Strachota BATTALION CHIEF $140,397
Mark Rohlfing ASSISTANT FIRE CHIEF $139,580
Brian Staskiewicz BATTALION CHIEF $139,075
Donald Gifford BATTALION CHIEF $137,007
Stephen Wagner BATTALION CHIEF $133,898
Joseph Gibilisco BATTALION CHIEF $130,066
Kirk Schuster BATTALION CHIEF $128,624
Anthony Rogers FIRE CAPTAIN $124,715
Anthony Gibilisco FIRE CAPTAIN $123,498
Shari Lentsch EMERG MEDICAL SERV SUPR $117,060
Erin Mccormick BATTALION CHIEF $114,960
Jeremy Zink BATTALION CHIEF $110,621
Francesco Guido BATTALION CHIEF $108,373
Ben Burbridge Paramedic Shift Superviso $105,828
Zane Johnson FIRE CAPTAIN $102,746
Max Ceballo FIRE CAPTAIN $102,006
Russ Herting FIRE CAPTAIN $101,779
Kelly Vogel Paramedic Shift Superviso $100,742
Samuel Glover Paramedic Shift Superviso $99,995
Adam Harris FIREFIGHTER $99,502
Jason Weber Fire Apparatus Engineer $99,119
Troy Nawrocki FIRE CAPTAIN $97,352
Travis Nielsen Fire Apparatus Engineer $96,647
John Lessig Iii FIREFIGHTER $96,593
Kurt R Strachota FIRE CAPTAIN $95,742
Adam Fisher FIRE CAPTAIN $94,008
Adolph Martin FIRE CAPTAIN $93,639
Jonathan H Schaffer Fire Apparatus Engineer $93,331
Travis Fowler FIRE CAPTAIN $93,240
Jeffrey Robison FIREFIGHTER $92,679
Steven Wisnieski COMMUNICAT SYSTEM COORD $91,587
Matthew Bower Fire Apparatus Engineer $91,433
Daniel Vanderhart Fire Apparatus Engineer $90,999
Colton Radford Fire Apparatus Engineer $90,800
Jacob Sempeck FIREFIGHTER $90,559
Jeffrey Day FIREFIGHTER $90,543
Nicholas Simon FIREFIGHTER $90,119
Ryan Glassburner COMMUNICAT SYSTEM COORD $89,994
Denise Gray AMBUL BILLING ACCT MGR $89,813
Kevin Longchamps Fire Apparatus Engineer $89,498
Evan Engelman FIRE CAPTAIN $88,696
Austin Croushorn Fire Apparatus Engineer $88,032
James Robinson FIREFIGHTER $87,984
Jordon Foster FIRE CAPTAIN $87,738
Joshua N Peterson FIREFIGHTER $87,734
Connor Mcdonnell FIREFIGHTER $87,462
Aaron K Spencer Jr. FIREFIGHTER $87,135
Tyler W Wilkinson FIREFIGHTER $86,855

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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