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Name Title Department Total Pay
Hailey M Knight LIFEGUARD Recreation $4,334
Kellen D Bees LABORER Parks $4,262
Harrison E Johnson Director of Community ED City Administrator $4,261
Travis W Small WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $4,065
Katherine L Cortese LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $3,860
Coen C Cronk LIFEGUARD Recreation $3,707
Jacob D Clark RECREATION SUPERVISOR Recreation $3,671
Lucas J Perrin LIFEGUARD Recreation $3,554
Damien L Rodriguez UMPIRE Recreation $3,540
Vickie L Dishman LIBRARY CLERK Library $3,374
Sarah M Simmons LIFEGUARD Recreation $3,346
Anthony J Scala UMPIRE Recreation $3,000
Reece L Flores CONCESSION WORKER Recreation $2,659
Bethany D Cadwell POLICE OFFICER Police $2,506
Cristian M Ramos LIFEGUARD Recreation $2,390
Timothy J Hrbek FIREFIGHTER Fire $2,227
Henry G Perrin UMPIRE Recreation $2,063
Derrick M Coryell FIREFIGHTER Fire $2,009
Patricia Landon-Merced SHELVER Library $1,977
June Ethridge TOUR GUIDE Recreation $1,899
Hannelore Perl TOUR GUIDE Recreation $1,852
Wezley P Shafer LABORER Parks $1,745
Cade H Zavala UMPIRE Recreation $1,603
Amiera A Rayyan TENNIS SUPERVISOR Recreation $1,549
Terri R Blackburn TRACK SUPERVISOR Recreation $1,541
Joslyn S Dmello WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $1,503
Anthony M Duffy UMPIRE Recreation $1,271
Sheila Holloway-Stovall TRACK COACH Recreation $1,268
Jacob D Hike TRACK COACH Recreation $1,229
Broderick S Brunssen UMPIRE Recreation $1,123
Adam L Dupre TRACK COACH Recreation $1,086
Simon N Falcon TRACK COACH Recreation $1,079
Katelyn M Gillen CONCESSION WORKER Recreation $946
Nolan D Gillen CONCESSION WORKER Recreation $797
Ryan J Lenear TRACK COACH Recreation $722
Noah C Armstrong UMPIRE Recreation $671
Katharine E Carlson UMPIRE Recreation $670
Hannah E Madison UMPIRE Recreation $660
Arianna J Hamilton SHELVER Library $625
Braxton T Mischke UMPIRE Recreation $599
Katja C Martens TRACK COACH Recreation $592
Allyah A Rayyan TENNIS SUPERVISOR Recreation $586
Addison D Johnson UMPIRE Recreation $572
Nicole A Saltzman TRACK COACH Recreation $553
Timothy G Coy UMPIRE Recreation $541
Kyle J Plagge CONCESSION WORKER Recreation $504
Mackenzie A Shafer UMPIRE Recreation $494
Morgan E Blaha UMPIRE Recreation $457
Ty B Felten PLUMBING/MECH INSPECTOR Permits and Inspections $449
Victoria L Bogatz CONCESSION WORKER Recreation $446

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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