City of Grand Island

780 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Lane S Sorensen 1140-SHOOTING RANGE OPERATOR $53,472
Thomas A Bigley 8185-WIREWORKER II $53,333
Dee Ann Shriner 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $53,268
Carmen I Ellingson 5010-FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC $52,987
Jonathan D Bennett 4010-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-STREETS $52,615
Tanner J Broich 6005-POLICE OFFICER $51,995
Brandon D Larson 6005-POLICE OFFICER $51,848
Jamieson A Oertle 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $51,796
Mackenzie J Turman 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $51,738
Jalen M Larson 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $51,662
Sonya M Cisneros 0167-DEPUTY CITY CLERK $51,612
Jeffrey R Haney 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $50,823
Chrystian A Banuelos 6005-POLICE OFFICER $50,683
Darren M Friesen 8006-CUSTODIAN PGS $50,255
Morgan C Mohr 6005-POLICE OFFICER $50,245
Seini Toa Mila 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $50,096
Blake R Schroeder 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $49,738
Johnathon A Mottl 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $49,656
Mindy K Crocker 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $49,643
Irasema Interiano 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $49,069
Nathan J Rebel 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $47,753
Solomon W Russell 1043-COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER FT $47,103
Rosa J Perez Reyes 1039-CASHIER $46,429
Ellis K Collins 1080-EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN $45,294
Nathan A Clemans 1043-COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER FT $45,142
Colleen A Duering 0632-VICTIM WITNESS ADVOCATOR $45,117
Deniss R Guerrero Cervantes 0303-INTERPRETER/TRANSLATOR $44,913
Chelsea M Mcalevy 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $42,342
Robert A Meyer 1098-MAINTENANCE WORKER I LIBRARY $41,793
Steven A Woodward 0159-CUSTOMER SERVICE REP HSP $41,540
Travis J Ayala 9620-MAINTENANCE MECHANIC I $40,932
Anna E Sorensen 0570-SR PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $40,503
Nicole A Roundy 0326-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I PART TIME $38,643
Aaron J Calkins 4040-MAINTENANCE WORKER -CEMETERY $37,288
Joshua N Holsinger 4040-MAINTENANCE WORKER -CEMETERY $36,328
Trevor J Post 8040-LINEWORKER APPRENTICE $36,127
Phoenix Rivera 4045-MAINTENANCE WORKER – STREETS $35,547
Jeremy M Fulton 1140-SHOOTING RANGE OPERATOR $35,431
Mark W Morell 1100-MAINT WORKER II BUILDING $35,329
Brian T Peister 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $32,942
Emily R Hendrix 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $31,691
Erica A Douglas 0411-METER READER PART TIME $30,714
Brenda H Dankert 5010-FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC $30,676
Carlos M Parra Loya 0507-PUBLIC SAFETY APPRENTICE PT $30,576
Brandon L Walz 8152-UTILITY GROUNDMAN – LINE $29,680
Daniel R Ziller 8175-WATER MAINTENANCE WORKER $29,509
Karlye A Cyboron 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $28,765
Jennifer Fregoso Ochoa 6005-POLICE OFFICER $28,202
Jennifer M Kelly 6005-POLICE OFFICER $27,665

Organization notes

The City of Grand Island provided total earnings for the year 2023. It did not separate the earnings into base salary or overtime categories.