04.Police Department

479 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Corey L Weinmaster Police Officer $96,539
Jason E Wesch Police Lieutenant $123,621
Roxane G Weston Police Records Technician $51,838
Ronald Anson Wever Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $61,481
Victor Vandiver Wharry Police Officer $79,647
Samuel Scott Wiarda Police Officer $89,390
Steven J Wiese Police Sergeant $112,201
Jacob E Wilkinson Police Officer $96,539
Patrick Brendan Wingfield Police Officer $96,539
Duane A Winkler Police Captain $135,545
John M Winter Police Officer $96,539
Shane K Winterbauer Police Officer $96,539
Alessandra Joy Winterbauer Police Officer $96,539
Gregg A Witfoth Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $68,536
Chase Lee Wittenhagen Public Safety Dispatcher $48,859
Ryan J Witzel Police Sergeant $112,201
Curtis E Wolbert Police Officer $96,539
Scott N Wolf Police Officer $96,539
Jarrod A Wood Police Sergeant $112,201
Jacob Ryan Woodworth Police Sergeant $104,892
Michael S Woolman Police Captain $138,455
Brandon Marcello Wooster Police Officer $82,776
Jeremy D Wuebben Police Officer $73,757
David W Wunderlich Police Officer $96,539
Sidney Joe Yardley Professional/Technical Worker $50,712
Angela Marie Yates Police Records Technician $51,838
Lori L Yaussi Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $68,536
Joseph J Yindrick Police Officer $96,539
Corina S Zitek Account Clerk III $50,084

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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