04.Police Department

479 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Benjamin Mykel Jennings Police Officer $86,020
Cole H Jennings Police Officer $96,539
Shane T Jensen Police Officer $96,539
Erik Manuel Jimenez Ambriz Police Officer $76,644
Michelle L Jochum Police Sergeant $112,201
Denisse Johnson Victim Assistance Advocate $43,551
Christopher E Johnson Police Officer $96,539
Kellon William Johnson Police Officer $86,020
Jaime L Johnson Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $68,536
Jeremiah A Johnson Property and Evidence Technician $58,814
Bridget Eva Johnson Identification Lab Specialist $76,563
Connor Lyle Johnson Police Officer $82,776
Bradley E Junker Police Lieutenant $123,621
Carl Robert Kacvinsky Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor $63,677
Shannon B Karl Police Sergeant $112,201
Clint L Kaspar Radio System Specialist $71,893
Natalie Elizabeth Kavan Police Officer $68,297
Alayna Jordyn Kechely Police Officer $89,390
Benjamin Martin Keenan Police Officer $92,905
Rebecca A Keller Audio Video Technician $61,714
Bryan R Kelly Public Safety Dispatch Supervisor $79,127
Shawn C Kennett Police Officer $96,539
Timothy J Kennett Police Sergeant $112,201
Rayegan True Kent Public Safety Dispatcher $48,859
Joseph Scott Kernan Police Officer $73,757
Hillary Kildare Police Records Technician $50,744
Abbie Christine Kirkpatrick Police Officer $76,644
Benjamin Ray Kitzelman Police Officer $68,297
Tyler M Knapp Police Officer $79,647
Todd A Kocian Police Captain $138,455
Cynthia J Koenig-Warnke Police Officer $96,539
William K Koepke Police Sergeant $112,201
Beth A Kohl Administrative Aide II $67,124
Patrick M Kohout Lead Mechanic $73,426
Benjamin N Kopsa Police Captain $126,537
Jonathan R Kossow Police Sergeant $112,201
Mark T Kounovsky Police Officer $96,539
Ryan Michael Kraenow Police Officer $89,390
Vitaliy Kravets Police Officer $79,647
Neil W Kroeger Automotive Mechanic $60,800
Pierce J Krouse Police Officer $73,757
Robert Stanley Kubicek Professional/Technical Worker $50,712
Jaygan Michael Douglas Lancaster Police Officer $79,647
Mark Leonid Landa Police Officer $76,644
Erika Helen Lane Public Information Officer $112,771
Brisa J Lara Gonzalez Police Records Technician $48,618
Rusty L Lashley Police Sergeant $112,201
Nikki R Laufenberg Police Officer $86,020
Ryan Earl Lawrence Police Officer $86,020
Peter J Lensing Police Officer $96,539

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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