04.Police Department

479 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Connor Michael Reed Police Officer $68,297
Shaun Elliot Rempel Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $58,228
Jon C Rennerfeldt Police Officer $96,539
Aaron Marcus Rensch Police Officer $96,539
Daren W Reynolds Police Sergeant $112,201
Rachel Rae Rezac Police Records Technician $48,618
Grant F Richards Police Property and Evidence Manager $91,191
Taylor Daniel Richardson Police Officer $73,757
Andrew R Ripley Police Officer $96,539
Melissa C Ripley Police Officer $96,539
Michael A Ripley Police Sergeant $112,201
Connor Roman Ritz Police Officer $70,974
Roy Lenin Rivera Barcenas Executive Secretary $62,568
Justin M Roach Police Sergeant $112,201
Bonnie J Roberts Police Officer $96,539
Mario Ec Robinson Police Sergeant $112,201
Brenda R Roby Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $68,536
Dustin J Romshek Police Sergeant $112,201
Briana Mae Rumbaugh Police Officer $96,539
Brandyn James Rupp Police Officer $89,390
Lynette K Russell Police Officer $96,539
Jamie R Russell Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $68,536
Phillip Kevin Rutz Police Officer $89,390
Alexander Alfonso Salcedo Police Officer $92,905
Samuel Norman Salem Technology Support Specialist I $65,682
Jonathan W Saltzman Automotive Mechanic $69,227
Julia Dawn Sandman Police Officer $76,644
Rebecca Michelle Sands Public Safety Dispatcher $53,013
James P Sands Intermediate Level Worker $28,783
Michael G Schaaf Public Service Officer $54,061
Christopher L Schamber Police Officer $96,539
Donald L Scheinost Police Captain $138,455
Matthew S Schiefelbein Police Officer $96,539
Chad M Schmidt Professional/Technical Worker $48,859
Michael J Schmidt Police Sergeant $112,201
Trevor L Schmidt Police Officer $96,539
Zachery Alan Scholl Police Officer $76,644
Jefforey A Schwartz Police Officer $96,539
Katherine Marie Schwenke Police Officer $96,539
Xavier Payne Schwerdtfeger Police Officer $96,539
Kurt W Scovill Police Officer $96,539
Alicia Dawn Searcy Public Safety Dispatcher $48,859
Briana Marie Sears Police Officer $89,390
Jonathan Michael Sears Police Sergeant $104,892
James Joseph Sedivy Police Officer $86,020
Michele R Selvage Police Business Manager $95,915
Wyatt James Shafer Police Officer $79,647
Sarah Elizabeth Horn Shamblen Senior Public Safety Dispatcher $58,228
Grant Bennett Shaw Police Officer $82,776
Christopher Raymond Shinaut Automotive Service Worker $48,102

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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