05.Lincoln Fire & Rescue

352 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Kennedy Jo Chase Firefighter Trainee $66,242
Miguel Chavez Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Joseph Anthony Christensen Firefighter Trainee $57,485
Craig W Clark Fire Captain $103,557
Travis L Coffey Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Grant M Collings Fire Captain $103,557
Greg F Connolly Fire Captain $103,557
Hadley Arthur Cooksley Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Tyler Alan Coufal Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Alan T Crist Fire Captain $103,557
Brett M Crotty Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Shane K Cuttlers Fire Captain $103,557
Thien Q Dang Firefighter Paramedic $91,411
Ngoc Anh Dao Accountant $78,772
Mark L Davis Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Eric Matthew Dayan Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
James A Decesare Firefighter Paramedic $91,411
Mark A Deforge Fire Captain $103,555
Ryan H Degenhardt Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Dean C Delany Fire Captain $103,557
Dylan Michael Delany Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Ricky D Dewitt Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Nathan J Dills Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Roger Todd Dondlinger Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Lindsay Donovan Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Matthew C Dowell Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Jeffrey S Draper Fire Captain $99,809
Kris A Draper Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Joseph Michael Drummond Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $61,645
Nicholas Patrick Dunbar Firefighter (2912 Hours) $78,554
Shawn L Durbin Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Philip L Dush GIS Analyst $95,763
Stephen J Dyer Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Tyrell J Eichele Fire Apparatus Operator $86,358
Andrew C Endicott Battalion Chief $121,160
David T Engler Fire Chief $169,237
Ashley Nicole Engler Fire Captain $92,356
Christopher D Erks Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Andrew S Evans Fire Captain $103,557
Matthew D Fair Fire Apparatus Operator $84,428
Joel E Fankhauser Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Rachel Leigh Faulkner Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Curt W Faust Assistant Fire Chief $144,568
Gregg A Fisher Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Jerid J Foster Fire Captain $103,557
Jared J Fredrickson Fire Captain $103,557
Timothy Daniel Freshman Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Harrison Scott Gaman Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Jeffrey T Gann Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Phillip B Ganoung Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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