05.Lincoln Fire & Rescue

352 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
George V Gasper Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Riley James Gaudreault Firefighter Paramedic $72,954
Steven David Gawrick Firefighter Paramedic $88,344
Jeremy A Gegg Battalion Chief $138,454
Brian S Giles Fire Captain $103,557
Reece Patrick Gorham Fire Apparatus Operator $86,358
Jacob R Green Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $61,645
Austin Junior Gregg Firefighter (2912 Hours) $78,554
Eddie Lee Grummert Firefighter Trainee $66,242
Josiah Joseph Hain Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Corey Matthew Hansen Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Michael James Hanson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $78,554
Daryl E Hartley Captain – EMS Training $103,555
Mark L Heithoff Fire Captain $103,557
Jacob L Hemmer Firefighter Paramedic $88,344
Jason R Hemmingsen Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Justin O Henkel Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Cole L Henn Fire Captain $103,555
Max Reiley Hesman Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $76,009
Joshua Reid Hesson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $75,502
Anthony J Hewitt Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Trentyn Jade Heyen Fire Equipment Mechanic $80,968
Joshua P Higgins Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Marie-France C Hillabrand Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Adam M Hoffmann Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Michael A Hohbein Fire Air Technician $53,716
Levi C Holte Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Kelli Kristine Hopkins Account Clerk III $50,084
Nicole Adreane Horn Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Jeremy S Hosek Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Kevin J Houfek Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Morgan Renee Hurley Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Lawrence Robert Jackson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Mathew D Jacobsen Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Noah A Jacobson Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Carey M Jenkins Firefighter Paramedic $88,344
Joel A Johnson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Jaxson Bradley Johnson Firefighter Trainee $57,485
Kylie Lynn Johnson Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Jesse W Johnson Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Brent M Jones Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Eric S Jones Battalion Chief $138,455
Kevin A Jones Fire Apparatus Operator $86,358
Devin Kobe Jones Firefighter Paramedic $72,954
Brian M Jones Fire Captain $103,557
Daniel H Jones Fire Captain $103,557
Kimberly K Kabourek Executive Secretary $71,650
Joseph E Kalina Firefighter Paramedic $91,411
Kelsey Ann Kalina Firefighter Paramedic $85,278
Christopher Faith Keith Firefighter Paramedic $85,281

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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