05.Lincoln Fire & Rescue

352 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Brenden Christopher Rageth Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Robert Thomas Rector Firefighter Trainee $66,242
Austin Price Redding Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Austin James Reece Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Jonathan J Reed Fire Captain $103,557
Timothy John Reed Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Austin M Reed Firefighter (2912 Hours) $66,242
Todd M Reed Fire Apparatus Operator $86,358
Lamar L Reil Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Jonathan Christopher Richard Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $61,645
Logan Montgomery Richards Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Matthew Richardson Fire Apparatus Operator $86,358
Daniel J Ripley Fire Captain $103,557
Mark O Rist Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Matthew W Roberts Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Brooks Colton Roberts Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Austin James Robertus Firefighter (2912 Hours) $69,309
Josias L Robinson Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Kelsey M Romshek Fire Captain $103,557
Chad T Roof Fire Captain $103,557
Jayden Shawn Rosengren Firefighter Paramedic Trainee $61,645
Vincent Michael Ross Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Garrett A Rubendall Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Joel M Rudloff Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Kerri Nicole Rulon Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
Kyle W Sabatka Fire Captain $103,557
Kevin Joseph Saenz Gallegos Fire System Programmer $70,585
Michael T Satorie Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Garrett Le Roy Sawyer Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Adam M Schaaf Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Adam W Schaecher Fire Captain $92,360
Danny D Scharff Fire Captain $103,557
Tyler M Schirm Firefighter (2912 Hours) $72,360
Jason L Schmale Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Aaron R Schmitz Firefighter Paramedic $88,344
Richard D Schneider Fire Captain $103,557
Trevis A Schroeder Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Adam J Schrunk Fire Captain $99,809
Joshuah D Schumacher Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Michael P Selvage Fire Captain $103,557
Jason William Semrad Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
Austin Matthew Seybold Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
Greg T Shoemaker Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Shawn V Shoup Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Parry W Siebenaler Fire Apparatus Operator $88,298
Andrew C Silcox Fire Captain $99,809
Robert Marr Simons Firefighter (2912 Hours) $81,629
Brandon Wayne Smejdir Firefighter (2912 Hours) $63,173
Tanner Hayes Smith Firefighter Paramedic $82,142
Michael D Smith Assistant Fire Chief $152,537

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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