07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Nathan Allen Finn Transportation Laborer $48,618
William Emmett Fleisher Superintendent of Fleet Services $100,553
Schafer Kathleen Marie Flowerday Environmental Health Educator I $49,982
Marshun Davonte Flowers Bus Operator $44,872
Jeremy A Fox Bus Operator $44,872
Barbara G Franco Morales Account Clerk II $46,721
Shane Michael Freeman Maintenance Operator I $55,401
Scott A Frogge Manager of Laboratory Services $92,751
Brandon Lee Frye Bus Operator $59,829
Nicholas C Fudge Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Eric Christopher Fuhrer Bus Operator $50,854
Christopher Leland Fulks Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Roger L Funk Labor Supervisor $73,218
Christopher W Funk Bus Operator $59,829
Ryan David Gallegos Bus Operator $44,872
Donna Kay Garden Assistant Director of Utilities $168,594
Derick Antoinne Gaspard Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator $59,347
Russell F Gasper Senior Engineer $116,717
Remus L Gehle Bus Apprentice Mechanic $58,770
Chanda R Gerdes Bus Operator $59,829
Edward A Gleason Labor Supervisor $73,218
Raymond Michael Grauf Accountant $62,957
Ja’Thi R Green Transportation Equipment Operator I $51,243
Troy Alan Griffin Unmanned Aircraft Systems Coordinator $70,416
Steven J Groesser Utility Equipment Operator II $65,940
Robert J Gulbranson Utility Equipment Operator II $65,940
Donald E Gunning Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $65,260
Ashley Kay Haas Office Specialist $44,250
Ali Haifawi Bus Operator $47,863
Lonshelle M Hamre Bus Operator $59,829
Trevor L Hansen Senior Environmental Health Specialist $85,534
Alyson L Hanson Water Quality Specialist $86,852
Douglas E Hanson Traffic Technician $73,753
Corbin R Harms Facilities Maintenance Coordinator $105,273
Dena Rae Harner Bus Operator $59,829
Andee Jo Harris Account Clerk II $44,992
Jeffrey W Harrison Labor Supervisor $73,218
Heather Rae Hartman Operations Analyst $80,664
Randall D Hass Bus Operator $59,829
Jennifer S Hatfield Accountant $65,008
Bradley Joesph Havlovic Transportation Equipment Operator II $62,895
Kevin D Hayes Utility Locate Technician $65,023
Robert Frederick Head Utility Equipment Operator I $51,432
Nathan L Helgenberger Transportation Equipment Operator II $58,847
Roger D Helmick Maintenance Operator I $60,929
Paul Timothy Hendrickson Utility Equipment Operator III $56,811
Rod L Hendrickson Building Superintendent $95,763
Jay L Hendrickson Bus Journey Mechanic $61,241
Steven G Hentzen Water Plant Operator $73,753
Kenneth J Herel Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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