07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Terry Jean Mabbitt Utility Equipment Operator I $52,855
Majak P Mabor Bus Operator $47,863
Kevin L Madsen Bus Service Worker $55,045
Michael A Mandery Facilities Operations Coordinator $101,712
Sean B Manning Bus Journey Mechanic $68,045
Shelly A Manning One-Call Technician $61,714
Brittany M Marino Gatehouse Attendant I $38,904
Michele R Martin Account Clerk III $59,315
Rene Martinez Concrete Finisher I $65,740
Alejandro Martinez Transportation Equipment Operator I $51,243
Michael Anthony Martinez Concrete Finisher I $66,454
Nicholas Leroy Martinez Utility Equipment Operator I $52,855
Gerardo E Martinez Safety and Training Specialist $91,191
Ramiro Martinez Transportation Equipment Operator I $53,048
Gaylon R Masek Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Steven J Matulka Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Ryan J Matulka Utility Equipment Operator II $59,128
Mohammadpayman Mayarwardak Bus Operator $44,872
Jason A Mayo Bus Journey Mechanic $68,045
Ane Catherine Mcbride System Supervisor $98,272
Bradley S Mcclatchey Utility Plant Mechanic I $59,182
David J Mcclintock Senior Engineer $116,717
Robert Shawn Mcdonald Bus Operator $59,829
Gregory L Mcghee Transit Dispatcher $62,115
Bryce A Mclaughlin Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Jedidiah Joseph Mclellan Transportation Equipment Operator I $49,508
Daniel L Meier Transportation Equipment Operator II $65,023
Brandon J Meister Utility Equipment Operator II $54,486
David William Mellick Concrete Finisher II $68,777
Patrick D Menard Engineering Services Manager $116,717
Scott Quinn Mertlik Bus Service Worker $55,045
Kayla Rose Meyer Administrative Aide I $54,390
Mike D Middendorf Engineer $88,637
Brian W Mihulka Control/Instrumentation Technician $68,299
Mark C Miller Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Christopher G Miller Utility Equipment Operator I $60,582
Douglas J Miller Utility Equipment Operator III $66,223
Charles Ray Mills Transportation Equipment Operator I $53,048
Mussa Ahmed Minni Bus Operator $53,847
Cody Alan Mitchell Transportation Equipment Operator II $56,930
Alexander Ray Monson Concrete Finisher II $68,037
James R Moore Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Del L Moormeier Stores Clerk $58,319
Jon J Mora Concrete Finisher I $65,740
Manuel Morales StarTran Field Supervisor $68,280
Kimberly Claire Morrow Department Liaison and Compliance Administrator $118,400
Melvin C Mosley Bus Operator $44,872
Sailas Vincente Munguia-Salinas Transportation Laborer $48,618
James L Munyon Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator $73,753
Russell E Murray Control/Instrumentation Technician $80,390

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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