07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Brian J Murray Transportation Equipment Operator II $65,023
Erik J Mutthersbough Water Service Technician II $65,023
Michael Anthony Naylor Customer Service Assistant $44,545
Nancy J Nelson Account Clerk III $59,315
Jared L Nelson Senior Engineer $120,806
Kevin D Neth Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Eric D Newell Utility Equipment Operator I $52,855
Levi T Newman Transportation Equipment Operator I $54,902
Connie Jo Newman Gatehouse Attendant I $41,685
Phuong Thuy Nguyen Account Clerk III $48,416
Jackie Ngan Ha Nguyen Associate Engineer $74,630
Taylor William Nissen Traffic Technician $67,979
Adam Fredrick Nobbe Maintenance Repair Worker II $68,542
Cody J Noble System Supervisor $108,961
Eugene Albert Norstadt Utility Equipment Operator I $57,360
Erika L Nunes Senior Engineer $120,806
Scott E Nunn Bus Operator $59,829
John M Obrien Bus Operator $59,829
David B Ohmberger Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Gerald Raymont Okra Transportation Laborer $51,838
Nicholas James Oligmueller Transportation Equipment Operator I $49,508
Chad A Olson Bus Operator $47,863
Timothy Scott Opfer Transportation Inspector $63,049
Chad Q Orwen Utility Equipment Operator III $56,811
David Osvaldo Ostiguin Transportation Laborer $48,618
Steven R Ostransky Transportation Equipment Operator I $46,207
Michael S Otte Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Steve R Owen Assistant City Engineer $146,236
Shelby Ann Ozuna Bus Operator $44,872
Laura M Paeglis Senior Engineering Technician $80,664
Willie T Parks Bus Operator $59,829
Roy Anthony Parrish Bus Operator $50,854
Roberto Partida Transportation Planner $84,248
Christopher R Passaro Water Service Technician I $54,240
Kevin J Patak Solid Waste Operations Supervisor $81,600
William D Pate Senior Engineering Technician $70,416
Robpartra Dewayne Patterson Bus Operator $47,863
Erik J Peralta Administrative Aide II $62,957
Hugo Alberto Perez Rebolloso Utility Equipment Operator III $64,222
Brion Patrick Perry Senior Utility Engineering Specialist $91,191
Allan L Peters Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator $73,753
Duane J Peterson Bus Operator $59,829
Jerry L Petracek Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Douglas W Pfanstiel Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Kitisak Phachit Bus Operator $47,863
Tan D Pham Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Michael Lee Phillips Bus Operator $47,863
Jerry A Pietzyk Utility Equipment Operator III $68,284
Brian D Pleskac Bus Operator $59,829
James Dwight Pratt Labor Supervisor $73,218

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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