07.Transportation and Utilities Department

576 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Meagan N Pratt GIS Analyst $81,600
David L Predmore Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
Lisa Michelle Price Bus Operator $59,829
James D Puls Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Aaron Michael Puls Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $52,518
Avery L Quakenbush Assistant Superintendent – Water Production and Treatment $92,751
Christopher L Queen Traffic Sign and Marking Technician $58,540
Nicole Katarina Ramirez Public Information Specialist II $57,113
Enrique Ramirez Engineering Technician $62,207
Yolanda C Ramirez Stores Clerk $45,005
Melissa M Ramos-Lammli Senior Traffic Technician $80,664
Noel R Ray Bus Operator $59,829
Neal A Reblin Utility Supervisor $76,800
Gabino Renteria-Leon Bus Operator $59,829
Blake Edward Andrew Reppert Maintenance Repair Worker II $51,694
Armando J Reyes Utility Equipment Operator I $57,360
Mark A Reynolds Utility Equipment Operator II $65,940
Brandon Michael Rezac Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator $59,347
Scott J Rhen Gatehouse Attendant I $46,228
David James Rickman Bus Operator $50,854
Bradley Scott Rico Bus Operator $59,829
Jeffrey H Riecken Water Plant Operator $73,753
Tyson P Ritz Utility Electrical Technician $80,390
Travis William Roach Traffic Technician $71,775
Andrew Wesley Roberts Transportation Equipment Operator I $53,048
Blaine William Roberts Transportation Equipment Operator I $46,207
Marcus A Robinson Bus Operator $44,872
Daniel Eric Robotham Utility Equipment Operator I $60,582
Mark A Rockemann Bus Operator $59,829
Marcia A Rodaway Administrative Aide I $68,047
Elpidio Rodriguez Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
James L Rosenthal Bus Journey Mechanic $68,045
Jeffrey Donald Rosenthal Bus Apprentice Mechanic $58,770
Marc Erwin Rosso Senior Engineer $120,806
Cynthia Jean Roth Transportation/Utilities Business Manager $138,628
Lonzie Duane Rounds Bus Apprentice Mechanic $52,894
Andrew J Ruder Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Terrence J Ryan Heavy Equipment Mechanic $67,818
Kevin Lamont Ryder Maintenance Repair Worker I $54,415
Randy W Saathoff Senior Engineering Technician $85,161
Josef Anton Sabatka Landfill Gatehouse Supervisor $49,200
Boanerges Sabio Bus Operator $59,829
Craig A Samek Process Control Technician $73,218
Michael R Sanford Solid Waste Operations Supervisor $74,131
Elizabeth Santiago Bus Operator $53,847
Michael Joe Scheinost Utility Plant Mechanic I $69,006
Jodi Sue Schippert Bus Operator $59,829
Steve E Schmalken Control/Instrumentation Technician $80,390
Raymond Karl Schmid Transportation Equipment Operator I $58,829
Ronnie L Schmidt Transportation Laborer $48,618

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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