08.Building and Safety

59 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Damon E Robbins Fire Prevention Inspector $103,555
Gordon Russell Mcgill Professional/Technical Worker $76,269
Justin J Meyer Administrative Aide II $78,772
Jackson Gus Mogensen Plumbing Inspector $70,269
William A Moody Chief Fire Prevention Inspector $129,411
Geovanni Moreno Plans Examiner I $65,420
Brian Joseph Morgan Plumbing Inspector $72,473
James Scott Nesmith HVAC Inspector $69,703
Michael Andrew Neukirch Building Inspector $69,724
Nathan J Patterson Plans Examiner I $65,420
Victoria Isabel Piersol Permit Assistant $51,459
Ronald E Rehtus Zoning Coordinator $95,763
James Michael Reinsch Housing Inspector II $66,832
Jason Relford Fire Prevention Inspector $99,815
Stetson Ray Riggs Housing Inspector I $67,380
Terry Mackeprang Electrical Inspector $82,031
Matthew D Schmidt Plumbing Inspector $79,512
Thomas G Schmidt Fire Prevention Inspector $103,555
Charles J Schweitzer Fire Prevention Inspector $103,555
Brian D Schwinck System Supervisor $105,273
Matthew L Shriner HVAC Inspector $78,753
Jacob Robert Sorensen Plans Examiner I $69,075
Sean E Stewart Chief Housing Inspector $92,751
Todd A Stutzman Chief Building Inspector $92,751
Megan Elizabeth Talbott Plans Review Engineer $89,829
Timothy J Thompson Building Inspector $75,298
Michelle A Varela Plans Examiner I $65,420
Raymond Richard Werner Electrical Inspector $82,031
Norbert A Wessel HVAC Inspector $76,384
Benjamin Jordan Wolf Accountant $60,975
William E Fuelling Building Inspector $81,307
Chelsea Beaver Office Specialist $45,725
Edwin C Bergstraesser Chief Electrical Inspector $95,763
Chad E Blahak Director of Building and Safety $134,963
Matthew Allen Bratrsovsky Building Inspector $81,307
Richard J Burton Plans Review Engineer $95,763
Joyce M Bustamante Permit Assistant $44,645
Carl R Campbell Fire Prevention Inspector $103,555
Kent Patrick Cerny Chief HVAC Inspector $86,994
Kathleen M Chadwick Permit Assistant $59,305
Autumn Marie Corns Systems Specialist I $63,407
Christopher R Crocker Fire Prevention Inspector $99,815
Dennis D Drbal Housing Inspector I $69,649
William N Fleischman Professional/Technical Worker $74,587
Brian J Flood Electrical Inspector $79,433
Cory Michael Agnew HVAC Inspector $67,610
Patrick R Genrich Chief Plumbing Inspector $86,994
Scott S Graves Electrical Inspector $82,031
Roger E Hamilton Plans Examiner II $78,901
Bradley R Hasenjaeger Fire Prevention Inspector $99,815

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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