09.Parks and Recreation Department

415 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Deborah L Moyer Neighborhood Center Supervisor $68,047
Jacques Mucapa Gardener $52,587
Cameron Scott Mueller Athletic Fields Technician $54,675
Ryan A Murrell District Park Supervisor $67,234
Justin Thomas Musgrave Professional/Technical Worker $29,120
Chris L Myers Parks and Recreation Facilities/Operations Manager $105,383
Karen Denise Nalow Planning and Construction Manager $101,712
Emma Veronica Nelson Recreation Aide II $29,120
Lyle A Nelson Laborer I $51,264
Ashley Lynn Neukirch Professional/Technical Worker $33,280
Richard Charles Neumann Recreation Aide II $30,160
Kaylyn Rachelle Neverve Park Planner II $79,025
Travis T Nilsen Equipment Operator I $58,550
Kara L Nitz Office Assistant $44,822
Matthew D Noble Golf Course Superintendent $86,852
Wade Evan Noll Para-Professional/Technical Worker $26,000
Nolan Reid Novacek Seasonal Parks Laborer $31,200
Kendy K Npimnee Intermediate Level Worker $24,960
Amber M Null Account Clerk II $56,401
Tara Lynn O’Neill Learning Center Supervisor $51,802
Kyle J Oakley Account Clerk III $59,315
Chloe Elizabeth Orr Para-Professional/Technical Worker $35,360
Carlos Daniel Ortega Intermediate Level Worker $27,768
Timothy Jon Osten Laborer I $51,264
Shep M Ottley Equipment Operator I $53,028
Grace Ernestine Palmer Recreation Aide II $27,768
Dylan James Palmer Seasonal Parks Laborer $35,360
Claire Joann Pasco Professional/Technical Worker $52,000
David Wendell Paul Intermediate Level Worker $24,960
Alexander Michael Paul Arborist II $58,575
Daniel S Payzant Assistant Recreation Manager $85,534
Denise K Pearce Department Liaison and Compliance Administrator $126,799
Dustin A Penner Arborist I $55,640
Raelee Diane Permenter Para-Professional/Technical Worker $31,200
Joseph C Pett Arborist II $65,495
Tyler James Pflughaupt Intermediate Level Worker $29,120
Christian Aidan Phelps Seasonal Parks Laborer $31,200
Elizabeth M Philson Professional/Technical Worker $52,000
Bradley D Piper Professional/Technical Worker $52,000
Eliaz Diallo Pittman Recreation Aide II $27,040
Cynthia L Poehling Seasonal Parks Laborer $37,440
Bradley W Potter Equipment Operator I $58,550
Brandon J Prater Pool Manager $45,344
Angela S Quinn Executive Secretary $75,650
Shawn M Quinn District Park Supervisor $84,117
Kendra Janeth Quiroz Recreation Aide II $29,120
Anastacia Codishea Rankin Intermediate Level Worker $29,120
Hanna Gail Rasmussen Seasonal Parks Laborer $31,200
Bret Lee Rausch Laborer II $51,361
Zachary David Rehurek Arborist I $55,640

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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