Fire Sworn

722 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Eric S Peterson Firefighter $92,346
James D Schurkamp Fire Apparatus Engineer $92,283
Michael D Erickson Firefighter $92,271
Joseph L Tisthammer Firefighter $92,224
Trevor S Brown Firefighter $92,169
Jeffrey M Burger Firefighter $92,144
Rodger A Barajas Firefighter $92,097
Laura A Kitzman Fire Apparatus Engineer $92,082
Kelly L Warner Fire Apparatus Engineer $92,082
James M Camenzind Firefighter $92,079
Thomas A Goltl Firefighter $92,050
Douglas R Gnuse Firefighter $92,027
David J Rayer Jr Firefighter $92,025
Shane M Lowman Firefighter $92,016
Christopher P Cannon Firefighter $92,011
Julianne G Moran Firefighter $92,011
Kent R Krokaugger Firefighter $91,991
Michael M O’Hanlon Firefighter $91,983
Joshua J Berens Firefighter $91,938
Lucy K Christensen Firefighter $91,928
Thomas P Bartek Firefighter $91,891
Christopher K Hatcher Firefighter $91,837
Priscilla V Voss Firefighter $91,822
Daniel R Bodammer Firefighter $91,813
Jacob W Chandler Firefighter $91,805
Janel M Buchta Firefighter $91,797
Douglas J Vawter Firefighter – Drop $91,762
Jeffrey E Rockwell Firefighter $91,750
Matthew J Slobotski Firefighter $91,744
Charles R Sams Firefighter $91,729
Kyle C Staudt Firefighter $91,704
Shawn M Becerra Firefighter $91,682
Jerrison D Wells Firefighter $91,664
Matthew M Pape Firefighter $91,621
Nicki L Mitchell Firefighter $91,569
Jason P Brilz Firefighter $91,566
Scott A Armstrong Firefighter – Drop $91,560
Stanley A Smith Firefighter $91,530
Joseph M Johnson Firefighter $91,525
Nicholas M Neneman Firefighter $91,474
Joseph L Dekker Firefighter $91,455
John L Routt Firefighter $91,431
Kenneth V Wood Firefighter $91,406
Kramer C Martin Firefighter $91,405
Jason A Rytych Firefighter $91,378
Brian K Strazdas Firefighter $91,316
Andrew W Gerken Firefighter $91,311
Patrick R Wolf Firefighter $91,300
William L Sorys Firefighter $91,298
Jonathan V Lee Firefighter $91,285

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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