Fire Sworn

722 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Justin L Rodgers Firefighter $95,517
Eric R Larson Firefighter $95,461
Matthew C Salmon Firefighter – Drop $95,391
Jason D Gentry Firefighter $95,307
Hunter N Mathieu Fire Apparatus Engineer $95,283
Steven D Taylor Ii Firefighter $95,281
Jeremiah T Omoto Firefighter $95,228
Donald E Whittington Firefighter $95,219
Jairo Chavez Jr Firefighter $95,193
Jacob I Lee Firefighter $94,688
Mark J Seeba Firefighter $94,484
Ross P Passmore Firefighter $94,184
Keven J Sanders Firefighter $94,176
Nick A Hrbek Firefighter $94,157
Elizabeth J Wallace Firefighter $94,132
Lydia M Zaragosa Firefighter $93,981
Aaron P Craig Firefighter $93,914
Kellie M Rice Firefighter $93,857
Matthew P Sullivan Firefighter $93,604
Marcus J Ricks Firefighter $93,600
Jacob J Perreault Firefighter $93,577
Justin D Fender Firefighter $93,548
Thomas J Pulte Firefighter $93,489
Jeffrey R Sova Firefighter $93,484
Richard M Hiatt Firefighter $93,432
David M North Jr Firefighter $93,401
Andrew J Cuva Firefighter $93,355
Sean J Centeno Firefighter $93,300
Christopher C Sachs Firefighter $93,280
John A Kava Iii Firefighter $93,271
Thomas M Campin Firefighter $93,262
Raymond M Deloa Firefighter $93,206
Scott J Kriener Firefighter $93,170
Zachary S Mass Firefighter $93,030
William A Brewer Firefighter $93,018
Joseph L Mahacek Firefighter $93,011
Todd M Callanan Firefighter $92,992
Jeffrey T Hazen Firefighter $92,969
Nicholas D Babe Firefighter $92,851
Donald O Dodge Firefighter $92,819
Jason B Wendt Firefighter $92,692
John J Tyrcha Firefighter $92,637
John D Mccann Firefighter $92,594
Eric J Kallhoff Firefighter $92,571
Samuel P Selzle Firefighter $92,537
James M Fritz Firefighter – Drop $92,460
Rebecca M Phillips Firefighter $92,458
Nicholas G Hunter Firefighter $92,409
Justin T Holman Firefighter $92,404
Andrew C Ashmore Firefighter $92,383

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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