Omaha Public Library

267 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Ruth A Korte Clerk II $43,389
Laura Evans Clerk II $40,706
Nicholas C Birkel Clerk II $36,234
Bridget J Stephens Clerk II $36,234
Allyssa M Howard Library Specialist $0
Catherine A Thompson Clerk II $0
Justina S Workman Library Aide $0
Anne J Odom Library Aide $0
Jordan L Carter Clerk II $0
Bridget E Davis Library Aide $0
Jean L Sharif-Kashani Library Specialist $0
David W Schmelzer Clerk II $0
Alane H Freerksen Fiscal Specialist $0
Laura A Gardner Library Aide $0
Samuel M Ernst Library Specialist $0
Johnna H Bierman Library Specialist $0
Isabella K Rademacher Library Specialist $0
Carolyn R Dunkins Library Specialist $0
John R Harshbarger Jr Clerk II $0
Alaina A Hughes Library Specialist $0
John Xiong Library Aide $0
Michelle L Hepfner Library Aide $0
Danielle M Stanford Library Aide $0
Elizabeth L Thompson Library Aide $0
Melissa M Wong Clerk II $0
Olivia Bell Library Aide $0
William M Palmer Library Aide $0
Kristin K Jacobi Library Aide $0
Alana D Vandervoort Library Aide $0
Melissa T Flint Library Specialist $0
William L Schweikert Clerk II $0
Danielle E Dyer Library Specialist $0
Daisy L Brandt Library Aide $0
Michael K Rochford Library Aide $0
Carmen L Trandahl Library Aide $0
Linnea L Evans Library Aide $0
James J Comeford Library Specialist $0
Veronica Bonilla Clerk II $0
Chelsea B Forker Library Specialist $0
Lessly M Pacheco-Mata Social Media Manager $0
Kathleen E Muldoon Library Aide $0
Madison M Shedd Library Specialist $0
Justina L Wemhoff Clerk II $0
Emily R Rens Hull Library Specialist $0
Torsten W Adair Library Aide $0
Heather M Bennett Library Aide $0
Terri L Hennig Library Aide $0
Curtis J Yabut Library Specialist $0
Rebecca C Ruenholl Clerk II $0
Emily E Ernst Library Aide $0

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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