Planning Department

144 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Zachary P Beister Chief Mechanical Inspector $77,575
Jodi J Rapp City Planner $76,648
Shelley Mccafferty City Planner $76,648
Alexander R Johnson City Planner $76,648
Oksana R Buck City Planner $76,648
Stephen B Ratute Mechanical Inspector $74,935
Todd A Jones Mechanical Inspector $74,506
Paul D Rydl Electrical Inspector $73,261
David D Jackson Electrical Inspector $73,195
James P Nussrallah Electrical Inspector $73,195
James F Oetter HVAC Inspector $72,738
Marty L Hagge Building Inspector $72,582
Lyndon D Bemis Building Inspector $72,530
Timothy J Wees Building Inspector $72,530
Gary W Grobeck Building Inspector $72,530
Jerome L Ziska Building Inspector $72,530
Corey W Moore Plumbing Inspector $72,405
Jeffery D Gottsch Plumbing Inspector $72,405
David E Lloyd Plumbing Inspector $72,405
James M Kruse Plumbing Inspector $72,405
Dennis P Jones Plumbing Inspector $72,405
Edward A Woodcook City Maintenance Foreman II $72,134
Thomas E Wieduwilt Electrical Inspector $71,640
Thomas G Taylor Electrical Inspector $71,614
Rikki Flott City Planner $71,094
Grant W Daily City Planner $71,094
Thomas J Scheer Construction Specialist $70,776
Debbie L Hightower Executive Secretary $70,678
Timothy A Pierce Electrical Inspector $69,527
Joseph R Wendell Electrical Inspector $68,672
Estefani Y Pena City Planner $68,307
Steven D Andersen Housing Inspector $68,038
Todd D Shearer Housing Inspector $67,891
Kevin E Mulcahy Housing Inspector $67,891
Wade R Pease Housing Inspector $67,891
David L Simpson Plumbing Inspector $67,018
Matthew J Solatka Plumbing Inspector $67,018
Todd D Chase Electrical Inspector $66,851
Sharon Smith City Planner $65,541
Nathan Rupe City Planner $65,541
Douglas Thomsen City Planner $65,541
Lynsey Byers City Planner $65,541
Sydney J Embray City Planner $65,541
Harold L Kephart Building Inspector $65,408
Michael A Champion Housing Inspector $64,750
Dillon S Shearer Housing Inspector $64,750
Jay R Rybin Mechanical Inspector $63,981
Benjamin J Kenney Construction Specialist $63,586
Cole R Pasteka Construction Specialist $63,586
Debra K Merlitti Office Supervisor $63,565

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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