Police Sworn

868 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Todd R Schmaderer Police Chief – Drop $216,923
Zachary B Petrick Police Sergeant $179,623
Scott J Gray Deputy Police Chief – Drop $166,982
Kara J Platt Police Lieutenant $166,813
Anna L Colon Deputy Police Chief $160,514
Kyle J Graber Police Officer $159,930
Keith A Williamson Police Captain $157,978
Thomas H Shaffer Deputy Police Chief $157,373
Jeremy F Christensen Police Captain $157,212
Sherie N Thomas Deputy Police Chief $154,294
Stephen J Cerveny Deputy Police Chief $154,294
Adam J Vail Police Officer $152,749
Brian M Dembinski Police Sergeant $151,850
Edward J Reyes Police Captain – Drop $149,723
Jay T Leavitt Police Captain $148,957
Mark S Matuza Police Captain – Drop $147,053
Justin J Raders Police Officer $147,043
Brendan P O’Flynn Police Sergeant $146,213
Karalin T Starlin Police Captain $145,595
Andrew S Ramsay Police Officer $145,305
John J Sokolik Police Captain – Drop $145,150
John A Wells Police Captain $144,607
Jacob T Chong Police Sergeant $144,285
Robert Soldo Police Officer $142,425
Austin E Taylor Police Officer $141,980
Mark D Desler Police Captain – Drop $141,838
Sergio G Gutierrez Police Sergeant $140,775
Todd M O’Keefe Police Officer $140,548
Marcus D Taylor Police Lieutenant $139,226
Shawna M West Police Captain – Drop $138,675
Jonathan A Edwards Police Officer $137,439
Laurie R Long Police Sergeant – Drop $137,434
Katherine L Belcastro-Gonzalez Police Captain – Drop $137,093
Lindsey A Fox Police Sergeant $137,085
Nicholas E Andrews Police Lieutenant $136,548
Patrick S Telley Jr Police Sergeant – Drop $135,380
Steven L Barnes Police Officer $134,478
Stephen M Fornoff Police Lieutenant $134,366
Brian R Gerrity Police Officer $132,884
Ryan S Sillman Police Officer $132,515
Neal A Bonacci Police Lieutenant $132,258
Jaime D Desautels Police Officer $131,960
Allen D Straub Police Lieutenant $131,858
Brent M Kendall Police Sergeant $131,423
Catherine C Milone Police Lieutenant – Drop $130,668
Joseph A Koenig Police Officer $130,448
Cole E Johannsen Police Officer $130,365
Jason P Menning Police Sergeant – Drop $130,111
Ricardo M Martinez Police Officer $129,684
Jacob J Ritonya Police Lieutenant $129,012

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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