40.County Engineer

129 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Pamela Lynn Dingman County Engineer $143,371
Larry Leroy Legg Assistant County Engineer $123,261
Jordan T Wipf Civil Engineer IV $104,283
John Vance Berry Chief Deputy County Surveyor $97,176
Karen L Wilson Civil Engineer III $96,198
Ronald L Bohaty Road Maintenance Superintendent $93,260
John Michael Linbo Civil Engineer IV $85,415
Michael C Clark Jr. Maintenance Supervisor $83,857
Eduard John Lahmann Jr. Facilities Manager $83,260
Alex Glen Olson Right-of-Way Manager $82,947
Leroy Thomas Geistlinger Jr. Maintenance Supervisor $82,925
Douglas Albin Sindelar Engineering Technician III $82,201
Nicholas Albert Boehler Civil Engineer II $79,513
Chris D Podany Engineering Technician – Bridge Inspector $78,727
Michael D Holle Engineering Technician III $78,694
Eric N Hanson Engineering Technician – Bridge Inspector $78,213
Monet Joli Mccullen Engineering Technician III $76,480
Curtis K Pokorny Maintenance Supervisor $75,624
Keith P Tenhulzen Assistant Maintenance Supervisor $74,015
Wayne P Hergott Assistant Maintenance Supervisor $73,916
Roger R Heusinkvelt Maintenance Supervisor $73,821
Grant C Heser Engineering Technician II $72,819
Michael Jack Plahn Engineering Technician – Bridge Inspector $72,662
Veronica Evelyn Johnson Engineering Technician I $71,622
Robert D Larsen Assistant Maintenance Supervisor $70,962
James R Jurgens Engineering Technician II $70,522
Edward Cornell Burton Engineering Technician II $70,430
Shawn Alan Miller Engineering Technician II $69,331
Traci Ann Dragoo Administrative Services Officer $67,295
Eric W Hunt Assistant Maintenance Supervisor $67,162
Kevin L Whisman Engineering Technician II $66,848
Richard H Lassek Engineering Technician I $66,765
Lyndon R Loschen Labor Supervisor $65,089
Rick L Deboer Senior Equipment Operator $64,118
Tyler W Eberspacher Engineering Technician I $64,040
Donald Kent Bosak Engineering Technician I $64,035
Chris A Fisser Senior Equipment Operator $64,023
Larry A Heusinkvelt Senior Equipment Operator $63,703
Ricky L Phillips Senior Equipment Operator $63,601
William R Bell Senior Equipment Operator $63,477
Shane W Slezak Equipment Mechanic II $63,453
Troy W Henning Senior Equipment Operator $63,367
Dale A Wohl Senior Equipment Operator $63,339
Louis Ronald Gasper Jr. Labor Supervisor $63,152
Shawn Michael Pospisil Equipment Mechanic Supervisor $62,813
Shawn Lee Slezak Equipment Mechanic II $62,119
Joshua David Bassen Equipment Operator II $61,633
Brandon J Cramer Maintenance Supervisor $61,393
Kyle P Moormeier Senior Equipment Operator $60,304
Trever R Trebilcock Senior Equipment Operator $59,940

Organization notes

Lancaster County provided a base salary number and an overtime number. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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