Hall County

300 employees

29 departments

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Name Title Department Total Pay
Brianna Wilson Deputy County Attorney I Attorney $76,544
Donavon C Fowler Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $76,464
Donald L Shuda Veteran’s Service Officer Veteran’s Service $76,259
Cynthia C Clement Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,975
Troy L Stover Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,964
Mitchell Cure Corrections Sergeants Corrections $75,909
John D Hinkle Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,774
Camela Krull Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,774
Jeffrey Schneider Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,774
Travis Sturgill Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $75,774
Marc W Vieth Sheriff Deputy Sheriff Int-local $75,774
Andrew Jones Corrections Corporal Corrections $75,243
Robert O Serr Grade & Bridge Foreman Road Department $74,339
Jeremy R Palacz Corrections Corporal Corrections $74,121
Kyle M Galvan Corrections Corporal Corrections $73,846
Andrew Allen Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $72,987
Chance Engel Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $72,987
Blake Huelsnitz Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $72,987
Benita D Schlick County Attorney Office Manager Attorney $71,926
Ethan Kranau Gis Coordinator Gis Department $71,822
Shanda M Conley Deputy County Clerk County Clerk $70,917
Alicia C Lemburg Deputy Clerk Of District Court Clerk Of District Court $70,917
Stacey Sliva Deputy County Treasurer County Treasurer $70,917
Joseph Hansen Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $70,221
Daniel Niemoth Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $70,221
Draper Sullivan Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $70,221
Raymond A Green Corrections Maintenance Officer Corrections $70,094
Theresa Castleberry Office Manager Sheriff Departm Sheriff $69,826
Richard A Esquitin Mechanic Foreman Road Department $69,826
Judy Lw Wiegert Administrative Assistant Corre Corrections $69,826
Robert Vaira Corrections Sergeants Corrections $69,467
Paul A Wagner Corrections Maintenance Officer Corrections $69,330
Sean W Tennant Corrections Maintenance Officer Corrections $69,243
Oren E Walcott Corrections Officer I Corrections $69,048
Dennis Garcia Corrections Corporal Corrections $68,768
Adam Carter Corrections Officer I Corrections $68,657
Larry Lucas Jr. Corrections Sergeants Corrections $68,435
Eric Little Sheriff Deputy Sheriff $67,995
Mark A Schlick Grade & Bridge Foreman Road Department $67,787
Daniel Rivera Corrections Officer I Corrections $67,326
Kersha Moody Corrections Officer I Corrections $66,846
J Rick Stepanek Maintenance Supervisor Building & Grounds $66,811
Mark Monroe Corrections Officer I Corrections $66,746
Dustin Kenny Park Supervisor Building & Grounds $66,622
Nathan Richard Karr Corrections Officer I Corrections $66,374
Sean Bramble Corrections Officer I Corrections $66,332
Denise Kozel Building Inspector Zoning Administrator $66,186
Chad M Conklin Corrections Officer I Corrections $66,111
Sarah A Hood Corrections Officer I Corrections $65,895
Melissa A Koperski Corrections Officer I Corrections $65,817

Organization notes

Hall County provided a salary number and an overtime number. We combined both to create a total.

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