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Name Title Department Total Pay
Kevin Wailes Chief Executive Officer Lincoln Electric System $585,042
Shelley Sahling-Zart Vice President, CCR & General Counsel Communications & Corp Records Division $349,118
Emily Koenig Vice President, Financial Services & CFO Financial Services Division $335,817
Paul Crist Vice President, Energy Delivery Energy Delivery Division $304,858
Jason Fortik Vice President, Power Supply Power Supply Division $294,754
David Malcom Vice President, Technology Services_CTO Technology Services $287,924
Lisa Hale Vice President, Customer Services Customer Services Division $271,286
Patricia Owen Vice President, Corporate Operations Corporate Operations Division $267,718
James Dutton Director, Generation Operations Generation Operations $196,075
Scott Benson Manager, Resource & Trans Planning Resource & Transmission Planning $184,908
Dennis Florom Manager, Energy & Environmental Oper Energy and Environmental Operations $182,933
Kristopher Bratt Specialist, Generation TBGS TBGS Operations $182,493
Tim Jarecke Specialist, Generation TBGS TBGS Operations $181,615
Joseph Danley Generation Specialist 1st Class RGS Operations and Maintenance $180,042
Jonathan Jakub Manager, Enterprise Solutions Enterprise Solutions $177,765
Paul Ladd Manager, Substation Substation $176,601
John Linscott Manager, Trans & Distribution Trans & Distribution South $175,668
Richard Hasenpflug Crew Leader, Trans & Distr Construction TD North 1A $174,982
Richard Grabow Manager, Legal Services_Corp Governance Corporate Governance & Records $174,740
Joel Dagerman Manager, System Planning & Asset Mgmt Asset Management & Planning $173,115
Jacob Bordovsky Generation Specialist 1st Class RGS Operations and Maintenance $171,274
Na Name Withheld Energy Market Operator Energy Market Operations $167,208
Tyson Chambers Manager, Terry Bundy Generating Station Terry Bundy Generation Station $166,624
Todd Bowman Manager, Rokeby Generating Station Rokeby Generation Station $164,464
Eric Ruskamp Manager, Regulatory Compliance Regulatory Compliance $164,404
Na Name Withheld Supervisor, Energy Management Energy Management $161,316
Michael Murphy Manager, Information Infrastructure_Gov Information Infrastructure $161,022
Marc Shkolnick Manager, Energy Services Energy Services $159,401
Patrick Gans Supervisor, Business Solutions Business Solutions $158,786
Traid Rader Supervisor, Trans_Distr Construction TD South 3 $157,940
Joseph Cave Manager, System Operation System Operation $157,473
Nathan Bird Manager, Communications Infrastructure Communications Infrastructure $157,252
Stephen Bartunek Night Service Technician TD North 3 $156,661
Na Name Withheld Energy Market Operator Energy Market Operations $156,248
Joshua West Specialist, Generation TBGS TBGS Operations $155,934
Dillon Mowry Crew Leader, Trans & Distr Construction TD South 3B $155,702
Heather Schlautman Manager, Customer Care Customer Care $154,415
Bryan Willnerd Manager, Treasury & Risk Management Treasury and Risk Management $154,279
Marcus Rist Crew Leader, Trans & Distr Construction TD South 1B $153,260
Mitchell Deisley Crew Leader, Trans & Distr Construction TD North 1B $152,681
Brian Bellows Night Service Technician TD South 2 $152,566
Kenneth Morrison Line Technician 1st Class TD North 1C $152,412
Dustin Thorne Manager, Cyber Security Cyber Security $151,836
Na Name Withheld Energy Market Operator Energy Market Operations $151,707
Jacob Behrends Supervisor, Substation Constr and Maint Substation Construction & Maintenance $151,312
Andrew Johnson Night Service Technician TD North 3 $150,623
Dalton Johnson Supervisor, Environmental Environmental $149,750
Russ Hegert Project Inspector Project Management $149,576
Gian Chan Senior Engineer, Resource&Trans Planning Resource & Transmission Planning $149,376
Na Name Withheld Supervisor, System Control System Control, Transmission $149,340

Organization notes

Lincoln Electric Service provided numbers for base salary, overtime, other pay and gross pay. It does not pay bonuses to any employees. LES withheld the names of certain security personnel under statute §84-712.05(10).

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Business Systems

TD South 1C

TD South 3C


Distribution Design North

Rates and Analytics

TD North 1C

TBGS Operations

TD South 2A

RGS Remote Stations

Communications & Corp Records Division

Learning and Development


Buildings and Grounds

Project Engineering

TD North 3

Energy Services

Talent Acquisition and Development

Substation Protection & Controls Eng

TD South 2

Substation Construction & Maintenance

Resource & Transmission Planning

TD North 2A

TD South 3A

Communications Infrastructure

Customer Care

Business Office

Customer Account Services

Telecommunications Technology

Human Resources

RGS Operations and Maintenance

Terry Bundy Generation Station

Occupational Health and Wellness

Rokeby Generation Station

Customer Contact Center

Substation Heavy Construction


TD South 3B

TD North 2

TBGS Maintenance

Meter Data and Analytics

Protection & Controls Technology

Trans & Distribution North

BG North 1

Information Infrastructure


Treasury and Risk Management


Online Customer Services

System Operation

TD South 1B

Customer & Corporate Communications

Energy Delivery Division

TD North 2C

Asset Management & Planning

T&D Construction

TD North 1A

TD North 2B

TD South 1A

TD North 1B

Budgeting and Financial Planning

Meter Services

Executive Office

TD North 3B

Technology Services

Substation Construction

Procurement & Stores

Meter Technology

Generation Operations

Land Management

Energy and Environmental Operations

Power Supply Division

Project Management

Business Solutions

Facilities Operation

Distribution Design South

Corporate Governance & Records


TD South 1

Customer Services Division

Cyber Security

Trans & Distribution South

Substation Maintenance


Vegetation Management

Enterprise Solutions

Regulatory Compliance

Financial Accounting

Energy Market Optimization_Settlements

Payroll and Accounts Payable

Engineering Asset Planning

Financial Services Division

Business Solutions Customer & Financial

BG South 1


Distribution Design 2

Transmission and Civil Design

Business Solutions Development

Substation Design Engineering

Safety & Physical Security

Technology Systems

System Control


Energy Management


Engineering & Support

Energy Market Operations


Network Security

Corporate Operations Division

TD South 3

BG Combo

Custodial and Services

TD North 1

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