Meter Technology

11 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Jacob Kreikemeier Supervisor, Meter Technology $117,313
Jakob Howe Meter Technician 1st Class $105,559
Jared Dohmen Meter Technician 1st Class $105,352
Lane Johnson Meter Technician 1st Class $104,568
Ryan Wesolowski Meter Technician 1st Class $104,544
Nicholas Thiele Meter Technician 1st Class $104,226
Timothy Spath Meter Technician IVA $95,792
Paul Pytlik Field Technician, Credit VI $75,547
Dawn Epp Field Technician, Credit VI $75,435
Carol Ellis Field Technician, Credit VI $74,947
Mark Howell Field Technician, Credit VI $74,382

Organization notes

Lincoln Electric Service provided numbers for base salary, overtime, other pay and gross pay. It does not pay bonuses to any employees. LES withheld the names of certain security personnel under statute §84-712.05(10).

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