29 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Matthew Williams Library Director $120,991
Christine Walsh Assistant Library Director $82,108
Michael Marchand Librarian-Technical Services $70,986
Shawna Lindner Librarian-Youth Services $70,115
Sarah Haack Librarian-Reference $69,395
Beth Rosenthal Librarian – TLC $57,045
James Tidei Librarian – Circulation $53,061
Nicole Whipkey Administrative Assistant $49,756
Stacia Whaley Library Clerk $45,557
Libby Munsell Library Clerk $41,303
Raine Schinkel Library Clerk $26,790
Marlana Mitchell Library Clerk $26,325
Jill Smiley Library Clerk $25,810
April Guerrero Library Clerk $24,896
Shelley Boldt Library Clerk $23,504
Sonja Jackson Library Clerk $23,068
Kathryn Powers Library Clerk $22,757
Julie French Library Clerk $21,387
Emily Mollring Library Clerk $21,239
Caitlin Armbrust Library Clerk $19,499
Alexandria Melroy Library Clerk $19,461
Chloe Urugutia Library Clerk $18,891
Timothy Pratt Library Bookmobile Driver $11,490
Jerome Thompson Library Bookmobile Driver $11,347
Kathleen Freeman Library Page $9,385
Mandelin Wollesen Library Clerk $8,824
Emily Jurey Library Page $7,986
Amy Rundstrom Library Clerk $7,129
Camille Moomey Library Page $5,505
Molly Green Library Page $4,992
Kaitlyn Pokorney Library Page $4,809
Kaitlyn Pflaster Library Page $3,098
Lily Onate Library Page $2,323
Brooklyn Lewis Library Page $2,285
Sophia Aliaga Library Clerk $1,250

Organization notes

The City of Kearney provided salary, overtime and gross pay for each employee who was actively employed with the city at the time of request, January 2024.

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