PUBDF/ Attorneys

0 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Brenda Leuck Asst Public Defender $160,445
Mikki C Meyer Asst Public Defender $157,020
L Robert (Robert) Marcuzzo Asst Public Defender $155,048
Leslie Cavanaugh Asst Public Defender $139,166
Ann C Holtz Asst Public Defender $135,714
Douglas A (Doug) Johnson Asst Public Defender $135,372
Matthew Miller Asst Public Defender $129,241
Cindy Tate Asst Public Defender $117,063
Mary M Dvorak Asst Public Defender $117,046
Allyson A Mendoza Asst Public Defender $113,485
John Jedlicka Asst Public Defender $112,659
Martha J Wharton Asst Public Defender $109,458
Lauren A Walag Asst Public Defender $107,322
Jessica C West Asst Public Defender $106,773
Claudia Mcknight Asst Public Defender $105,955
Bethany R Stensrud Asst Public Defender $104,561
Alyssa M Jelinske Asst Public Defender $102,809
Megan E Jeffrey Asst Public Defender $102,684
Abbi R Romshek Asst Public Defender $101,873
Mary R (Mary Rose) Donahue Asst Public Defender $101,546
Tamara T Mosby Asst Public Defender $101,534
Ann O Petersen Asst Public Defender $101,409
Kyle M Melia Asst Public Defender $100,806
Noelle M Obermeyer Asst Public Defender $100,598
William R (Bill) Harry Asst Public Defender $100,350
Melinda Currans Asst Public Defender $99,149
Rebecca Mcclung Asst Public Defender $97,321
Travis L Wampler Asst Public Defender $94,552
Christine A Mori Asst Public Defender $91,208
Jordan E Holst Asst Public Defender $90,440
Ronald C Betita Asst Public Defender $89,720
Rebekah S Keller Asst Public Defender $88,947
Ceci N Menjivar Asst Public Defender $88,813
Nicholas J Yost Asst Public Defender $88,127
Molly A Bertelson Asst Public Defender $86,093
David M Lehan Asst Public Defender $86,070
Jami L Jacobs Asst Public Defender $85,265
Samuel A Raybine Asst Public Defender $82,452
Emily V Graham Asst Public Defender $81,736
Robert D Graham Asst Public Defender $81,296
Alexander D Sycher Asst Public Defender $81,231
Caroline E Sojka Asst Public Defender $79,967
Brian D Craig Asst Public Defender $78,902
Brendan T Schneiderman Asst Public Defender $77,015
Nicole J. Tegtmeier Asst Public Defender $76,184
Max D Tierney Asst Public Defender $76,171
Benjamin D Westhoff Asst Public Defender $75,235
Hilary A Burrows Asst Public Defender $74,815
Emma J Lindemeier Asst Public Defender $69,129
Cathy R Saathoff Asst Public Defender $64,155

Organization notes

Douglas County provided base salary and gross salary. We subtracted the base salary from the gross salary when the gross salary was higher to create the “other pay” category.

More Douglas County departments

AO/ Diversity Equity and Inclusion

AO/ General Office Admin

Board Of Equalization

CDC/ Admin Clerk Of District Court

CDC/ Brd Ment Health Prof

CDC/ Brd Ment Hlth Gen Office

CDC/ General Office Clrk Of Dist Crt

CDC/ Jury Commission

CLERK/ Admin County Clerk

CLERK/ Finance Department

CLERK/ Oracle County Clerk

CLERK/ Payroll

CLERK/ Records County Clerk

CMHC/ (IOP) Intensive Outpatient Program

CMHC/ 5 E-Center Inpatient

CMHC/ CMHC Administration

CMHC/ CMHC Recreation

CMHC/ Co-Occurring IOP Grant

CMHC/ Detox

CMHC/ Emergency Community Support

CMHC/ M.D. Cost

CMHC/ Mental Health Diversion

CMHC/ Out-Patient (DCH)

CMHC/ Partial Care

COATT/ Admin County Attorney

COATT/ Civil

COATT/ Criminal

COATT/ Juvenile

COATT/ Law Clerk/Criminal

COATT/ Victim/Witness Unit

COMM/ Administration & Teaching

COMM/ Communications

COMM/ Tech Support Communications

COMMSVCS/ Administration Poor Relief


Construction/ Design & Survey

CORR/ Administration

CORR/ Admissions

CORR/ Community Programs

CORR/ Corrections Record Office

CORR/ Court House Jail

CORR/ Day Reporting

CORR/ Executive

CORR/ House Arrest

CORR/ Library & Life Skills

CORR/ Pre-Trial Release

CORR/ Sherwood

CORR/ Sobriety Program

CORR/ Training

CORR/ Wellness and Retention

CORR/ Work Release

CORR/Key and Tool

County Commissioners

CSC/ Admin Civil Service

CSC/ General Office Civil Ser

DISTCT/ Admin District Court

DISTCT/ Bailiffs

DISTCT/ Concilliation Court

DISTCT/ Court Referee Grant

DISTCT/ Drug Court

DISTCT/ Law Clerks

EC/ General Office Elect Comm

EM/ General Office


ENVSV/ Admin Environmental Services

ENVSV/ Landfill

ENVSV/ Noxious Weed Control

ENVSV/ Parks And Trails

ENVSV/ Planning & Permits/Inspections

EXT/ General Office Ext Service

Geog Info Systems Div

GG/ General Office Garage

GG/ Mechanics

GP/ Community Based Juv Svcs Aid Grant

GP/ Grants and Projects Admin

HLTCT/ ADMIN/ Admin Health Center

HLTCT/ Administration/ Compliance

HLTCT/ ANCSV/ Central Supply Health Center

HLTCT/ ANCSV/ Medical Records

HLTCT/ ANCSV/ Pharmacy

HLTCT/ ANCSV/ Physical Therapy

HLTCT/ ANCSV/ Recreational Therapy

HLTCT/ DIETSC/ Admin Dietary

HLTCT/ DIETSC/ Dietary Store Room


HLTCT/ FISCSV/ Admin Fiscal Services

HLTCT/ FISCSV/ Admitting

HLTCT/ FISCSV/ Entitlement

HLTCT/ FISCSV/ General Accounting

HLTCT/ FISCSV/ Payroll Health Center

HLTCT/ FISCSV/ Receivables

HLTCT/ GENSV/ Auto Service

HLTCT/ GENSV/ Housekeeping

HLTCT/ GENSV/ Laundry & Linen


HLTCT/ GENSV/ Security

HLTCT/ GENSV/ Staff Services


HLTCT/ LTC/ Social Services

HLTCT/ NURS/ Admin Medical

HLTCT/ NURS/ Employee Health

HLTCT/ NURS/ Quality Assurance

HLTCT/ NURS/ Staff Development

HLTDEP /RESTF/CDC Health Disparities

HLTDEP/ ADBUS/ Admin Business

HLTDEP/ ADBUS/ BUS/ Business Administration

HLTDEP/ ADBUS/ Business Services/ Delivery & Pickup



HLTDEP/ COMMHL/ CLINIC/ County Health Clinic

HLTDEP/ ENVHLT/ Environmental Admin

HLTDEP/ ENVHLT/ F&D/ Food & Drink Admin

HLTDEP/ ENVHLT/ SANENG/ Sanitation Engineer Admin

HLTDEP/ HLDATA/ ADMIN/ Health Data Admin

HLTDEP/ HLDATA/ EPID/ Communicable Disease



HLTDEP/ HLDATA/ Vital Statistics

HLTDEP/ RESTF/ Adolescent Health


HLTDEP/ RESTF/ DCHD Federal Direct


HLTDEP/ RESTF/ EPI Surge Capacity

HLTDEP/ RESTF/ Immunization Clinic 1.9

HLTDEP/ RESTF/ LB 692 Per Capita Funds


HLTDEP/ RESTF/ Tri-County Env. Health

HLTDEP/ RESTF/ Women Infant Children (WIC)

HLTDEP/ RESTR/ Infrastructure

HLTDEP/ RESTRF/ Bioterrorism Epi #3

HLTDEP/RESTF/Cities Readiness Initiative

IT Services

JAC/ Juvenile Assessment Center

JUVCT/ General Office Juvenile Crt


PUBDF/ Admin Public Defender

PUBDF/ Attorneys

PUBDF/ General Office Public Defender

PUBPR/ Co Hospital Mntce

PUBPR/ Corrections Bld Mntce

PUBPR/ Crthse West Mntce

PUBPR/ Painters/Carpenters

PUBPR/ Pub Property Leasing

PUR/ Admin Purchasing

PUR/ General Office Purchasing

PUR/ Mail Room

PUR/ Warehouse

Records Imaging

ROD/ Admin Register Of Deeds

ROD/ Recorders

SHR/ ADMIN/ Admin Sheriff

SHR/ ADMIN/ Community Services

SHR/ ADMIN/ Executive

SHR/ ADMIN/ Title Inspections

SHR/ ADMIN/ Training Sheriff

SHR/ Court Services Bureau/ Juvenile Court Division

SHR/ Crime Lab/ FSB

SHR/ Criminal Invest Bureau/ Investigations Div

SHR/ Criminal Invest Bureau/ K-9 Unit

SHR/ Criminal Invest Bureau/ Property & Evidence Division (PED)

SHR/ CSB/ Civic Center Security

SHR/ CSB/ County Court

SHR/ CSB/ District Court

SHR/ CSB/ Entrance Sec Officers

SHR/ Support Services Bureau/ Civil Proceeds

SHR/ Support Services Bureau/ Civil Process

SHR/ Support Services Bureau/ Records Sheriff SSB

SHR/ Support Services Bureau/ Warrants

SHR/ Uniform Services Bureau/ Patrol (USB)

TREAS/ Accounting Division

TREAS/ Administrative Division

TREAS/ Customer Svcs Div

TREAS/ Maple Branch

TREAS/ Midtown Branch

TREAS/ Millard Branch

TREAS/ Motor Vehicle Division

TREAS/ North Branch

TREAS/ Scan Center

TREAS/ South Branch

TREAS/ Systems Division

TREAS/Dealer Customer Svc Ctr

Veterans Service

Youth Center

Youth Center/ Dept of Education

Youth Center/ Justice & Mental Health Collaborative Grant

Youth Center/ Title I