Operations Support

27 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Lee O’Neal Sr Director Operations Support $216,189
Name Withheld Name Withheld Mgr Ops Engineering&Training $173,146
Philip Schaefer Lead Operations Scheduler $130,528
Name Withheld Name Withheld Sr Engineer $130,082
Name Withheld Name Withheld System Operations Trainer $128,161
Kelly Anderson Supv Doc Control Admin Support $116,284
Jamar Williams GIS Specialist $113,026
Amy Lawler Sr Operations Support Clerk $107,862
Diana Benson Supv T&D Administration $105,155
Elizabeth Walde Operation Support Clerk $100,558
Michelle Olson Document Services Analyst $99,863
Shayla Mcdonnell Grid Operations Support Clerk $97,490
Donetta Shoals Operation Support Clerk $97,417
Tracy Haessler Operation Support Clerk $95,161
Brandy Pattman Operation Support Clerk $92,117
Ryan Taylor Operation Support Clerk $91,155
Maureen Deitering Operation Support Clerk $90,423
Michelle Gillett PETS Records Coordinator $89,989
Megan Krabbenhoft Operation Support Clerk $86,741
Peggy Dorau Operation Support Clerk $86,379
Natalie Leggett Administrative Assistant $82,862
Traci Hug Administrative Assistant $78,046
Pamela Price Administrative Assistant $77,059
Taylar Balfour Administrative Assistant $77,033
Terri Salado Administrative Assistant $71,997
Madison Smith Operation Support Clerk $59,056
Karen Bates PT Operations Support Clerk $41,210

Organization notes

Omaha Public Power District provided annualized salaries, hourly pay rate, overtime, and gross pay for 2023. We calculated an “other pay” category where the employee’s combined overtime and annualized salary was less than their gross pay. OPPD withheld the names of certain security personnel under statute §84-712.05(10).

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