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Name Title Department Pay rate ($/hr)
Ronald Evans Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $23.17
Susan Everett Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $30.00
Paul Farrell Director IT $0.00
Anthony Faz Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $22.83
Braydon Finecy Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $28.02
Donnie Fishel Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $24.59
Barbara Fitzgerald Administrative Assistant Sheriff $25.30
Ana Flores Cardenas Juvenile Diversion Coordinator Attorney $21.70
Regina Forshee-Bedke Child Support Enforcement Worker Attorney $21.74
Zachary Frazho Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $31.63
Jennifer Frerichs Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $22.83
Nicole (Nikki) Friend Administrative Assistant Building & Grounds/Facilities $19.15
Debra Friesz Civil Process Clerk Sheriff $23.00
Stephen Gaasch Facilities Director Building & Grounds/Facilities $40.80
David Gibbs Sergeant Sheriff $43.30
Marci Gilbertson Administrative Assistant/Bailiff/ Deputy District Court $24.69
Jennifer Girard Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $21.65
Bryan Goldrich Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $21.41
Terri Gonzales Office Manager Assessor $23.68
Shane Gronewold Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $22.72
Javier Guerrero Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $24.96
Bradley Hall Sergeant Sheriff $43.30
Ashley Hancock Detention Certified Nursing Assistant Jail/Corrections $19.41
Nickolas Hancock Community Service Officer Sheriff $26.48
Audrey Harris Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $23.66
Laura Herman Head Custodian Building & Grounds/Facilities $22.17
Elizabeth Hernandez Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $23.51
Bryan Hibberd Bridge Crew Laborer Road/Highway Dept. $27.73
Tim Higgins County Commissioner Board $0.00
Angela Hilton Deputy Election Commissioner $28.77
Cheri Hilton Secretary Weed District $16.92
Andrew Hoffmeister Chief Deputy County Attorney Attorney $59.06
Leslie Holman Legal Assistant Attorney $21.05
Cory Holsapple Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $22.83
Cynthia Horn Chief Deputy District Court $31.83
Nathan Howe Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $33.62
Theodore Huber Sergeant Sheriff $43.30
Lisa Huerta Clerk Attorney $34.49
Alex Humpfer Community Service Officer Sheriff $28.09
Chad Hunt Lieutenant Jail/Corrections $52.40
Reno Hunt Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $27.19
Eric Ingebretsen System Administrator IT $36.06
Susan Janssen Assistant Service Officer Veteran’s Service $24.20
Christopher Jarmin Jail Deputy Sheriff $28.88
Cory Jensen Assistant Highway Superintendent Road/Highway Dept. $33.91
Michael Johannsen Foreman Road/Highway Dept. $29.89
Kellie John Register of Deeds Register of Deeds $39.78
Linda Johnson Bookkeeper- Secretary Road/Highway Dept. $26.97
Sharon Joseph Deputy Public Defender Public Defender $46.94
Marilee Kabes Election/ Clerical Election Commissioner $12.00

Organization notes

Buffalo County did not provide total pay for the 2023 year, but did provide hourly pay rates for employees.

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