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Name Title Department Pay rate ($/hr)
Paul Muegerl Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $23.64
Larry Naiman Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $30.68
Riley Navrude Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $22.83
Jasper Neal Mechanic Road/Highway Dept. $17.00
Bobby (Bob) Nelson Truck Driver/Operator Road/Highway Dept. $22.17
Peggy Nelson Motor Vehicle Clerk IV Treasurer $25.15
Robert Nelson Maintenance Worker/ Pest Control Building & Grounds/Facilities $20.28
Kristi Newman Data Entry/ Calendar Clerk Attorney $22.31
Ashton Nichols Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $21.41
Todd Ochsner Community Service Officer Sheriff $31.61
Amanda Olson Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $31.61
Lisa Ourada Residental Supervisor Assessor $25.84
Michael Page Investigator Sheriff $37.72
Emily Penner Assistant Clerk III District Court $17.00
Rosario Perez Jail Sergeant Jail/Corrections $37.42
Sandra Perez Custodian Building & Grounds/Facilities $19.73
Donnita Pfeifer Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $24.96
Tate Pierce Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $28.02
Bailey J Pittner Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $25.85
Lisa Poff Election Commissioner Election Commissioner $35.96
Nani Pollard Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $30.00
Ana Post Secretary/Receptionist Public Defender $19.42
Stacie Post Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $21.65
Blake Power Heavy Equipment Operator Road/Highway Dept. $25.40
Melissa Pritchard Receptionist/ NSF Clerk Attorney $23.18
Ellen Province Administrative Assistant/ Deputy District Court $24.23
Kent Psota Truck Driver/ Operator Road/Highway Dept. $23.07
Sarah Purintun Legal Assistant Attorney $20.72
Emily Rafert Real Estate Clerk Treasurer $18.38
Kane Ramsey Deputy County Attorney Attorney $50.97
David Randel Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $24.36
Jessi Reeder Jail Sergeant Jail/Corrections $37.42
Eric Rerucha Assistant Mechanic Road/Highway Dept. $25.50
Robert Rich Mechanic Road/Highway Dept. $29.38
Michele Richardson Deputy Treasurer Treasurer $32.69
Tiffanie Richter Child Support Enforcement Worker Attorney $23.11
Patrick Riedel Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $23.51
Robbi Rimpley Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $31.61
Elda Rodgers Election/ Clerical Election Commissioner $12.00
Elizabeth Roe Motor Vehicle Clerk II Treasurer $19.12
Brenda Rohrich Buffalo County Treasurer Treasurer $39.78
Kevin Russell Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $23.64
Jennifer Samuelson Administrative Assistant Sheriff $29.83
Sylvie Sazama Civil Process Clerk Sheriff $25.73
Daniel Schleusener Chief Deputy Sheriff $55.10
Jennifer Schleusener Deputy Register of Deeds Register of Deeds office $32.69
Evan Schmidt Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $30.68
Bowen Schoen Maintenance Building & Grounds/Facilities $21.00
Zerron Schroder Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $23.51
Richard Serr Truck Driver/Operator Road/Highway Dept. $23.07

Organization notes

Buffalo County did not provide total pay for the 2023 year, but did provide hourly pay rates for employees.

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