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Name Title Department Pay rate ($/hr)
David Sesna Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $31.16
Robert Shafto Heavy Equipment Operator Road/Highway Dept. $27.99
Amy Shearer Clerical Surveyor $15.60
Billy Shiers Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $26.10
Michael Shiers Foreman Road/Highway Dept. $30.14
Deborah Shubert Bookkeeper- Secretary Road/Highway Dept. $29.44
Emma Skiles Part Time Clerical Attorney $17.08
Brennan Sklenar Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $24.59
Craig Sleicher Maintenance Building & Grounds/Facilities $22.00
Marti Sleister Deputy County Attorney Attorney $46.77
Tracy Smalley Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $25.09
Dean Smith Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $24.59
Michael Smith Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $39.02
Nicolas Smith Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $24.23
Rogers Smith Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $21.41
Linda Snodgrass Office Manager Veteran’s Service $27.20
Trenton Snow Buffalo County Surveyor Surveyor $16.92
Leann Sobieszyk Legal Assistant Attorney $21.64
Rebecca Sobieszyk Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $25.09
Amanda Sok Abstract Clerk II Register of Deeds $23.26
Joshua Spellman Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $24.85
Adrienne Springer Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $24.96
Cheryl Stabenow District Court Clerk District Court $39.78
Branigann Stalder Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $22.83
Matthew Starkey Veteran’s Service Officer Veteran’s Service $31.25
Bret Stubbs Weed Superintendent Weed District $36.24
Richard Stubbs Heavy Equipment Manager Road/Highway Dept. $27.99
Katryna Thomas Communications Officer 911 Dispatch $25.85
Justin Thorman Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $31.16
Miguel Torres Field Assistant Assessor $19.40
Jamie Trausch Motor Vehicle Clerk III Treasurer $20.68
Robert Tubbs Lieutenant 911 Dispatch $52.40
Ashlie Tulk Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $23.51
Charity Tuttle Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $30.69
Jacob Valentine Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $39.02
Aaron Valenzuela Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $28.09
Ephraim Valenzuela Sergeant Sheriff $43.30
Katie Vanslyke Clerk Assistant Clerk $18.37
Wendy Vawser Deputy Assessor Assessor $32.69
Vickie Walker Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $23.51
Rachelle Warner Deputy County Clerk Clerk $32.69
Jacob Wasser Jail Deputy Sheriff $28.02
Kathryne Welty Investigator Sheriff $39.99
Aaron Wentz Skilled Maintenance Technician Building & Grounds/Facilities $31.22
Dustin Westerbeck Corrections Officer Jail/Corrections $31.61
Helen Whittaker Part Time Clerical Attorney $15.01
Karla Wild Election Clerk I Election Commissioner $16.50
Jonathan Wilke Patrol Operator Road/Highway Dept. $26.10
Melissa Willis Deputy County Attorney Attorney $54.66
Caleb Wilson Deputy Sheriff Sheriff $33.62

Organization notes

Buffalo County did not provide total pay for the 2023 year, but did provide hourly pay rates for employees.

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