City of Grand Island

780 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Sierra M Burns 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $27,451
Shawn A Ruzicka 6005-POLICE OFFICER $27,242
Jacob A Irish 4045-MAINTENANCE WORKER – STREETS $27,140
Leighton E Lanka 8080-PWR PLNT MAINTNC MECHANIC PGS $25,766
Diana G Fuentes 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $24,753
Amy L Caldwell 0244-EVIDENCE TECHNICIAN PT $24,663
Joshua L Moody 4045-MAINTENANCE WORKER – STREETS $22,470
Alexander L Phelan 1055-COMPUTER TECHNICIAN $21,460
Brandt O Bottolfson 8175-WATER MAINTENANCE WORKER $21,416
Jeremy W Gildersleeve 6005-POLICE OFFICER $21,305
Zachariah T Amick 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $20,721
Gisel Lazaro Romero 1043-COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER FT $20,183
Sharon K Wood 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $19,144
Somphet Phommaravongsa 8035-INSTRUMENT TECHNICIAN $18,934
Jenna L Jakubowski 9036-FIELD HOUSE CLERK $18,815
Tehya C Lind 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $18,692
Jordon T Orcutt 1043-COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER FT $18,611
Nicholas E Hochertz 6005-POLICE OFFICER $18,571
Pamela J Johansen 0024-ADMINISTRATIVE ASST PT- BLDG $18,551
Darlene E Polk 0326-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I PART TIME $18,465
Kari Fisk 0095-CITY ATTORNEY $18,295
Michael T Zigler 9071-MOWER OPERATOR-PARKS-TEMP $17,501
Dewayne J Sobotka 9106-WADING POOL MW-PARKS-TEMP $17,470
Ryan C Waldmann 0388-MAINTENANCE WRKR PT CEMETERY $17,006
Wayne L Martin 1120-PLANS EXAMINER $16,339
Roger G Steele 1900-MAYOR $16,000
Jennifer Aragon 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $15,814
Tanner D Greenough 5010-FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC $15,061
Brady D Anderson 9033-ADMISSIONS MANAGER $14,968
Keith W Rollen 9071-MOWER OPERATOR-PARKS-TEMP $14,430
Dorson Sawyers 9071-MOWER OPERATOR-PARKS-TEMP $14,400
Dennis W Garcia 0150-COMMUNITY SERVICES OFFICER- PT $14,077
John K Howard 0326-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I PART TIME $14,015
Bentley A Brandquist 8175-WATER MAINTENANCE WORKER $13,963
Gordon H Bigger 9071-MOWER OPERATOR-PARKS-TEMP $13,599
Gary M Burris 9071-MOWER OPERATOR-PARKS-TEMP $13,457
Dana A Colantuono 9550-FOG PROGRAM MANAGER $13,038
Caleb J Schrock-Schmitt 0150-COMMUNITY SERVICES OFFICER- PT $13,021
Chelsie M Brittain 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $13,013
Tristian White 9054-INTERN-LINE TEMPORARY $12,785
Larry G Peters 9108-YARD WASTE SITE ATTENDANT TEMP $12,688
Patricia A Bell 0346-LIBRARY PAGE – PART TIME $12,164
Rae Jeanne Bamesberger 1800-POLICE & FIRE PENSIONERS $12,110
Lukas D Anderson 4050-MAINTENANCE WORKER – PARKS $11,940
Alex M Barwick 8040-LINEWORKER APPRENTICE $11,761
Eric J Olson 0034-AIRPORT POLICE OFFICER – PT $11,750
Mark E Dreher 6005-POLICE OFFICER $11,705
Veronica L Cushing 0150-COMMUNITY SERVICES OFFICER- PT $11,446
Isaiah J Hawley 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $11,440

Organization notes

The City of Grand Island provided total earnings for the year 2023. It did not separate the earnings into base salary or overtime categories.