City of Grand Island

780 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Nancy K Broich 0350-LIBRARY SECRETARY $60,318
Joseph J Kemling 9620-MAINTENANCE MECHANIC I $59,811
Emily A Webb 5010-FIREFIGHTER/PARAMEDIC $59,643
Nicholas A Leiting 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $59,620
Jodi L Halm 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $59,502
Milan W Bish 8040-LINEWORKER APPRENTICE $59,422
Elizabeth J Supencheck 4028-LIBRARY ASSISTANT II $59,409
Thomas L Hessel 4040-MAINTENANCE WORKER -CEMETERY $59,377
Kevin L Hosch 9620-MAINTENANCE MECHANIC I $59,275
Lori A Medlin 4028-LIBRARY ASSISTANT II $59,175
Brenda L Halm 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $59,102
Alexander W Briner 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $59,008
Tiffany M Bloomquist 1147-SENIOR ACCOUNTING CLERK $58,860
Heather L Grupe 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $58,678
Juan J Campos Alvarenga 4010-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-STREETS $58,629
Blake A Roepker 4010-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-STREETS $58,465
Hanah D Varela 0570-SR PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $58,387
Grant T Goracke 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $58,264
Alessandra L Valencia 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $58,176
Micah D Sands 8175-WATER MAINTENANCE WORKER $58,066
Jessica D Wortman 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $57,888
Richelle J Cellar 1043-COMMUNITY SERVICE OFFICER FT $57,666
Alicia A Preisendorf 0527-RECORDS CLERK SUPERVISOR $57,486
Phung Thi Van Tran 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $57,484
Christopher K Dierks 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $57,143
Erica S Rogers 0315-LIBRARIAN I $57,007
Stacie A Avila 1003-ACCOUNTING CLERK $56,897
Jordan A Soto 8057-METER READER $56,858
Dylan B Wieser 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $56,853
Tanner M Deisley 8040-LINEWORKER APPRENTICE $56,807
Amy E Hill 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $56,798
Michael J Rodenbaugh 4010-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-STREETS $56,795
Nicole D Renz 1135-ACCOUNTS PAYABLE CLERK $56,773
Dustin M Smith 1149-SYSTEM TECHNICIAN $56,395
Matthew J Cerciello 4010-EQUIPMENT OPERATOR-STREETS $56,164
Lindsay V Wassinger 4025-LIBRARY ASSISTANT I $56,033
Joel C Sanchez 8175-WATER MAINTENANCE WORKER $55,840
Bobbi S Wetzel 1130-POLICE RECORDS CLERK $55,580
Hodilon J Salinas 4045-MAINTENANCE WORKER – STREETS $55,390
Robert B Falldorf 0034-AIRPORT POLICE OFFICER – PT $55,384
Collin B Mchugh 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $55,029
Jordyn L Lukasiewicz 6005-POLICE OFFICER $54,975
Nathan A Toof 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $54,921
Jordan R Baron 1035-PUBLIC SAFETY DISPATCHER $54,462
Amber M Ruttman 5005-FIREFIGHTER/EMT-FIRE DEPT $54,190
Bobby J Jacques 6005-POLICE OFFICER $54,105
Raymond P Hayman 1098-MAINTENANCE WORKER I LIBRARY $54,100
Brian J Broich 1039-CASHIER $54,061

Organization notes

The City of Grand Island provided total earnings for the year 2023. It did not separate the earnings into base salary or overtime categories.