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Name Title Department Total Pay
Cydney Weiss Recreation Coordinator Recreation $29,727
Nathan Norton Equipment Operator Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $29,059
Colby Albright Landfill Assistant Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $28,124
Shu Masuda Aviation Service Technician Airport – FBO $26,974
Isaac Gustafson Heavy Equipment Operator Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $26,860
Raine Schinkel Library Clerk Library $26,790
Jonah Staab Park Attendant (Downtown) Park/Downtown/Medians $26,373
Marlana Mitchell Library Clerk Library $26,325
Mike Reeves Police Officer Police $26,106
Amber Miller Director of Development Services Development Services $26,036
Jill Smiley Library Clerk Library $25,810
Mikaela Harbols Community Service Officer Police-CSO $25,220
Michael Conyers Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $25,134
Aaron Danburg Park Attendant (Cemetery) Park/Cemetery $24,952
April Guerrero Library Clerk Library $24,896
Angelo Ott Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $23,970
Alan Ladd Landfill Groundskeeper Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $23,757
Shelley Boldt Library Clerk Library $23,504
Sonja Jackson Library Clerk Library $23,068
Rodney Erickson Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $23,052
Kathryn Powers Library Clerk Library $22,757
Charles Schutte Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $22,353
Julie French Library Clerk Library $21,387
Chad Karr Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $21,386
Aaron Daseler Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $21,370
Emily Mollring Library Clerk Library $21,239
Keith Youngs Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $21,018
Zion Moyer Tennis Center Monitor Recreation/Tennis Center $20,671
Jack Szymanski Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $20,257
Bryce Grothman Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $19,681
Caitlin Armbrust Library Clerk Library $19,499
Alexandria Melroy Library Clerk Library $19,461
Chloe Urugutia Library Clerk Library $18,891
Daniel Bieber Equipment Operator Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $18,479
Mandy Steele Secretary Fire $18,347
Anthony Medina Utilities Maintenance Worker Utilities-Water Operations $18,293
Kollin Lewis Aviation Service Technician Airport – FBO $17,768
Kathy Fickenscher Senior Services Attendant (Clerical) Recreation/Sr. Activity Center $17,229
John Philby Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $17,125
Donald Schulz Maintenance Worker Utilities-Sanitation $16,188
Angel Petty Administrative Assistant Administrative Services $15,924
Ashton Arrants Electrical Technician Public Works-Street $15,412
Brett Schutte Police Officer Police $15,232
Chance Wiarda Recreation Coordinator (Athletics) Recreation/Recreation $15,083
Joseph Colfack Aviation Service Technician Airport – FBO $14,217
Yvette Pfeiffer Recycling Processor Utilities-Sanitation $13,629
Hameed Hosseini Aviation Service Technician Airport – FBO $13,437
Timothy Pratt Library Bookmobile Driver Library $11,490
Jerome Thompson Library Bookmobile Driver Library $11,347
William Haley Water System Operator Utilities-Water Operations $10,525

Organization notes

The City of Kearney provided salary, overtime and gross pay for each employee who was actively employed with the city at the time of request, January 2024.

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