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Name Title Department Total Pay
Kevin Mansfield Golf Course Assistant Superintendent Recreation/Golf Maintenance $57,283
Rita Smith Police Records Technician Police-Records $57,131
Julie Keough Police Records Technician Police-Records $57,105
Aaron Hockemeier Heavy Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $57,096
Beth Rosenthal Librarian – TLC Library $57,045
Noah Stewart Police Officer Police $57,031
Terra Gibson Risk Management Technician Administrative Services $56,791
Jeffrey Baughman Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $56,784
Shauna Petzold Household Hazardous Waste Coordinator Utilities-Sanitation $56,507
Jeffrey Noetzelman Sector Leader Park/Downtown/Medians/Archway $56,172
Nicholas Weaver Facilities Maintenance Worker/Turf Specialist Park/Harmon $56,143
Kyle Pohlman Facilities Maintenance Worker, Senior Park/Harmon/Apollo/Memorial Field $56,089
Matthew Morrow Recreation Coordinator – Tennis Recreation/Tennis Center $55,254
Jay Cottam Golf Course Assistant Services Manager Recreation/Golf Services $55,107
Johanna Burkey Recreation Coordinator (Aquatics) Recreation/Recreation $54,741
David Sesna Property & Evidence Technician Police-Evidence $54,570
Jeni Leopold Recreation Coordinator (Special Events; Camps; Co Recreation/Recreation $54,356
Daniel Thompson Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $54,135
Gregory Markus Aviation Service Technician Senior Airport – FBO $53,798
Jacob Browne Recreation Coordinator Recreation/Recreation $53,679
Michael Burnett Heavy Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $53,434
Emily Baughman Administrative Coordinator/Crime Analyst Police $53,300
James Tidei Librarian – Circulation Library $53,061
Spencer Kehl Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $53,017
Melia Smith Associate Planner Development Services $52,890
Michaella Bendfeldt Executive Assistant Administrative Services $52,793
Duane Robertson Utilities Maintenance Worker Utilities-Water Operations $52,597
Melissa Haupt Office Manager Park/Administration $52,317
Annette Kirchhoff Office Manager Airport $52,315
Emily Donohoe Community Service Officer Police-CSO $52,305
Charles Hawkins Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $51,793
Jeffrey Roy Facilities Maintenance Worker Park/Downtown/Medians/Archway $51,605
Michael Whitmire Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator Utilities-Sanitary Sewer $51,578
Randy Gillming Facilities Maintenance Worker Park/Archway $51,234
Alexander Zabel Facilities Maintenance Worker Park/Patriot $50,801
Matthew Wicht Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $50,766
Tyler Brandt Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $50,649
Nicholas Kleidosty Fleet Electronics Technician PW-Vehicle Maintenance $50,581
Caleb Svoboda Irrigation Specialist Park/Harmon $50,364
Jordan Hockemeier Facilities Maintenance Technician Park/Park $50,085
Joshua Lewis Airport Operations Worker Airport $50,048
Amy Smith Account Clerk, Senior Administrative Services-Finance $50,045
Nicole Whipkey Administrative Assistant Library $49,756
Jason Arrants Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $49,504
Kelsey Anderson Downtown Coordinator Development Services $49,468
Bruce Ransdell Refuse Worker Utilities-Sanitation $49,257
Travis Kociemba Facilities Maintenance Worker Park/Cemetery $49,072
Connor Brown Sector Leader Park/Centennial/Collins/Hammer/Pioneer $48,608
Steven Schriner Refuse Worker Utilities-Sanitation $48,569
David Stubbs Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $47,988

Organization notes

The City of Kearney provided salary, overtime and gross pay for each employee who was actively employed with the city at the time of request, January 2024.

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