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Name Title Department Total Pay
Michael Morgan City Manager Administrative Services $232,063
Bryan Waugh Police Chief Police $149,049
Scott Hayden Director of Recreational Services Recreation/Administration $140,580
Shawna Erbsen Director of Administrative Services Administrative Services $140,031
Anton Jelinek Director of Utilities Utilities-Administration $139,036
Kayla James Director of Finance Administrative Services-Finance $137,125
Andrew Harter Director of Public Works Public Works-Street $128,718
Jason Whalen Fire Administrator Fire $127,766
Michael Young Police Captain Police $127,341
Kevin Thompson Police Captain Police $122,848
Brenda Jensen Deputy City Manager Administrative Services $121,842
James Lynaugh Airport Director Airport $121,293
Matthew Williams Library Director Library $120,991
Nathan Mollring Director of Information Technology Administrative Services-IT $114,735
Jason Koetters Police Lieutenant Police $114,103
Gabriel Kowalek Police Lieutenant Police $113,504
Dennis Byrne Police Lieutenant Police $112,472
Derek Luke Police Lieutenant Police $112,267
Lucas Dutcher City Engineer Public Works-Street $112,213
Michael Bogard Police Sergeant Police $110,616
Eric Hellriegel Director of Parks Park/Administration $110,074
David James Golf Course Manager Recreation/Golf Services $109,740
Ryan Ohri Police Sergeant Police $108,549
Gregory Benson Police Sergeant Police $107,146
Ralph Cordova Police Sergeant Police $107,068
Jace Schanou Police Sergeant Police $106,916
Wendell Wessels Director of Finance Finance $106,083
Kenneth Roth Jr. Park Superintendent Park/Administration $104,128
Jared Small Police Sergeant Police $103,521
Stephen Hart Sanitation Superintendent Utilities-Sanitation $98,701
Jamey Young Police Sergeant Police $97,790
Bradley Newell Police Sergeant Police $96,412
Timothy Kotschwar Facilities Supervisor Public Works-Facilities Maintenance $95,008
Sarah Sawin Assistant Director of Utilities Utilities-Administration $93,767
Matthew Young Police Officer Police $93,297
Deborah Eirich Senior Services Coordinator Recreation/Sr. Activity Center $93,079
Roger Petersen Street Superintendent Public Works-Street $92,900
Clint Smith Wastewater Treatment Plant Superintendent Utilities-Sanitary Sewer $92,614
David Humphrey Police Officer Police $92,307
Terry Eirich Fire Inspector Fire $92,222
Daniel Warrington Police Officer Police $92,025
Jeff Schwarz Police Officer Police $91,599
Paul Loebig Police Officer Police $90,790
Terry Hibberd Police Officer Police $90,124
Johnny Eynetich Police Officer Police $88,602
Robert Taillon Police Officer Police $87,508
Boyd Weller Police Officer Police $87,477
Brian Flynn Police Officer Police $86,564
Patrick Mclaughlin Police Officer Police $86,484
Jonathan Reiter GIS Coordinator Administrative Services-IT $86,357

Organization notes

The City of Kearney provided salary, overtime and gross pay for each employee who was actively employed with the city at the time of request, January 2024.

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