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Name Title Department Total Pay
Eric Sanger Computer Support Technician Administrative Services-IT $86,343
Neil Berke Fleet Maintenance Supervisor PW-Vehicle Maintenance $86,311
Peggy Eynetich City Clerk Administrative Services $86,303
Tracy Suchsland Police Officer Police $86,116
Steve Baye Cemetery Supervisor Park/Cemetery $85,984
Alan Roesler City Forester Parks $85,053
Jason Garrels Police Officer Police $84,342
Ivan Marshall Sanitation Foreman Utilities-Sanitation $84,322
Anthony Faz Police Officer Police $83,985
Steven Cole Assistant Airport Director Airport – FBO $83,507
Brandon Conroy Electrical Control Systems Technician Public Works-Street $83,021
David Weiler Computer Support Technician Administrative Services-IT $82,820
Andrew Bartling Building Official Development Services $82,170
Christine Walsh Assistant Library Director Library $82,108
Jason Jacobs Building Inspector (Code) Development Services $81,900
Christopher Obradovich Police Officer Police $81,561
Nedko Oreshkov Police Officer Police $81,234
Dwaine Schmitt Street Crew Leader Public Works-Street $81,071
Nathan Dennis Police Officer Police $80,280
Melissa Dougherty-O’Hara Assistant Development Services Director Development Services $80,136
Derek Payton Police Officer Police $79,347
Tyler Ritz Building Inspector (Electrical) Development Services $78,619
Joshua Wheeler Equipment Mechanic, Senior PW-Vehicle Maintenance $78,377
Anthony Rich Fire Engineer Fire $77,056
Brandon Shafto Engineering Assistant II Public Works-Street $76,972
Matthew Kulhanek Computer Support Technician Administrative Services-IT $76,574
Bryan Chase Fire Engineer Fire $76,384
Ryan Chramosta Police Officer Police $76,320
Nancy Roth Accounting Technician Administrative Services-Finance $76,224
Ethan Epley Police Officer Police $76,094
Gisel Krueger Office Manager Fire $75,917
Eddy Baer Fire Engineer Fire $75,883
Kiane Davidson Recreation Superintendent Recreation/Recreation $75,861
Bruce Nielsen Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $75,484
Michael Fearnley Assistant Park Supevisor/Forester Park/Yanney $75,303
Jeffery Dowling Property & Evidence Supervisor Police-Evidence $75,238
Celestino Zapata Heavy Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $75,052
Brian Wolfe Fire Engineer Fire $74,936
George Wiedel Fire Engineer Fire $74,777
John Sydow Fire Engineer Fire $74,577
Todd Walton Fire Engineer Fire $74,276
Darrell Conner Golf Course Mechanic Recreation/Golf Maintenance $73,830
Otto Schutte Heavy Equipment Operator Public Works-Street $73,734
Kevin Jonak Equipment Operator Utilities-Sanitation $73,692
Terry Ostrander Water System Operator, Lead Utilities-Water Operations $73,330
Robyn Bowman Park & Recreational Services Assistant Park & Recreation/Administration $73,149
Matthew Eigenberg Landfill Operator Utilities-Solid Waste Disposal Facility $73,123
Joshua Beck Building Inspector (Plumbing) Development Services $73,091
Matthew Ullman Fire Engineer Fire $73,018
David Krueger Fire Engineer Fire $72,956

Organization notes

The City of Kearney provided salary, overtime and gross pay for each employee who was actively employed with the city at the time of request, January 2024.

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