16 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Mark Blackburn FOREMAN II Parks $83,938
Alex Marshall AEO II Parks $62,804
Karen Chandler SECRETARY $59,538
Timothy Bashus AEO I Parks $57,853
Jerry Niemier AEO I Parks $57,176
Brian Hale AEO II PARK CHEMICAL $50,465
Gerald B Kluthe AEO I Parks $49,595
Jeremy V White AEO I Parks $47,507
Jacob R Carter AEO I Parks $43,677
Chadd Addison FOREMAN II Parks $30,000
Todd Addison FOREMAN II Parks $25,000
Logan J Allan AEO I Parks $23,209
Bret A Kankovsky AEO I Parks $19,285
Jack C Gage AEO I Parks $16,888
Kellen D Bees LABORER $4,262
Wezley P Shafer LABORER $1,745

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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