36 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Larry Mason Foreman II Street $101,022
David Earnest ASST ST SUPER $92,727
John Hamby AEO I Streets $82,344
Bradley Rands Foreman II Street $81,646
Roger Witkovski Sign and Signal Sup $81,559
Daniel Driscoll Foreman II Street $75,784
Dennis Rush AEO III Streets $70,453
Andrew Voss AEO III Streets $69,857
Magdaleno Rivera AEO II Streets $68,173
Chad Davidson AEO II Streets $66,325
Chris Woodman AEO II Streets $65,821
Michael Bailey AEO III Streets $65,278
Kathleen Austin SECRETARY $59,548
Ryne J Fischer AEO I Streets $58,158
Kevin R Ponec AEO I Streets $53,666
Scott M Logeman AEO II Streets $53,466
Clinton Wilson Sign Technician $53,359
Jimmy L Steinbach AEO III Streets $52,763
Matthew G Goshinska AEO I Streets $49,960
William Brewer AEO II Streets $49,920
Buddy S Whited Sign Technician $49,727
James Dillon AEO I Streets $48,999
James R Zymola AEO II Streets $48,984
David C Weaver AEO I Streets $46,021
Alan E Crane AEO I Streets $45,128
Richard D Gammell AEO I Streets $44,164
Charles R Rush AEO I Streets $41,852
Brent W Ludwig AEO I Streets $36,834
Julian Guerrero AEO I Streets $25,916
Angelo V Mercaldi AEO I Streets $21,584
Todd G Coyer AEO I Streets $20,899
Nathaniel L Holste AEO I Streets $11,962
Douglas C Sullivan AEO I Streets $10,963
Sergey S Jones AEO I Streets $6,834
Thomas W Gilbert AEO I Streets $4,442

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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