106 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
James Shada Deputy Director Parks&Rec $115,608
John R Bryan Asst Rec Superintendent $75,249
Suzanne Quinn CLERK $24,067
Lily F Bleske POOL MANAGER $10,849
Abby K Holst POOL MANAGER $10,800
Truman T Koehler HEAD GUARD $8,116
Avary N Rech LIFEGUARD $8,059
Madelyn S Wheeler LIFEGUARD $6,578
Branson G Leister LIFEGUARD $6,547
Jarrett D Mcqueen POOL MANAGER $6,480
Kieran Harrell LIFEGUARD $6,361
Fallyn E Glomb LIFEGUARD $6,261
Alanna L Clontz LIFEGUARD $6,152
Samuel P Bleske HEAD GUARD $6,145
Emily R Wilson HEAD GUARD $6,096
Haylee M Johnson LIFEGUARD $6,087
Lillian H Crouch LIFEGUARD $6,037
Nicholas G Johnson LIFEGUARD $5,825
Jayda L Parker LIFEGUARD $5,558
Ryan J Bartlett LIFEGUARD $5,523
Hannah J Knight LIFEGUARD $5,472
Lauren E Maass LIFEGUARD $5,469
Kyle S Davidson BASEBALL SUPERVISOR $5,365
Michael A Arriola LIFEGUARD $5,214
Grady A Anderson LIFEGUARD $5,045
Alexandra K Mashek LIFEGUARD $4,851
Brady C Wallman LIFEGUARD $4,844
Maria K Connealy LIFEGUARD $4,837
Jared M Fasnacht LIFEGUARD $4,725
Marshall J Hoover LIFEGUARD $4,449
Erica R Nickisch LIFEGUARD $4,426
Casey J Schreck LIFEGUARD $4,392
Jillian A Friedman LIFEGUARD $4,372
Madison T Vanourney LIFEGUARD $4,359
Hailey M Knight LIFEGUARD $4,334
Coen C Cronk LIFEGUARD $3,707
Lucas J Perrin LIFEGUARD $3,554
Damien L Rodriguez UMPIRE $3,540
Sarah M Simmons LIFEGUARD $3,346
Anthony J Scala UMPIRE $3,000
Reece L Flores CONCESSION WORKER $2,659
Cristian M Ramos LIFEGUARD $2,390
Henry G Perrin UMPIRE $2,063
June Ethridge TOUR GUIDE $1,899
Hannelore Perl TOUR GUIDE $1,852
Cade H Zavala UMPIRE $1,603
Amiera A Rayyan TENNIS SUPERVISOR $1,549
Terri R Blackburn TRACK SUPERVISOR $1,541
Anthony M Duffy UMPIRE $1,271

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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