135 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Kenneth D Clary POLICE CHIEF $168,990
Howard Banks POLICE LIEUTENANT $158,633
Jay Kirwan POLICE CAPTAIN $151,857
Andrew Jashinske Assistant Police Chief $150,989
Joseph Milos POLICE LIEUTENANT $146,372
Kurtis Stroeher POLICE CAPTAIN $141,052
Michael Pettit POLICE LIEUTENANT $140,256
Matthew Vetter POLICE OFFICER $135,277
Chad Reed POLICE LIEUTENANT $134,724
Timothy Melvin POLICE CAPTAIN $134,521
John Stuck Jr POLICE LIEUTENANT $134,414
Thomas Dargy Assistant Police Chief $130,584
Nicholas Greiner POLICE SERGEANT $128,516
Carl Grubb POLICE OFFICER $128,083
Corey Brown POLICE SERGEANT $124,703
Robert Page POLICE OFFICER $124,136
Zeb Simones POLICE OFFICER $123,063
Bryan Mercer POLICE LIEUTENANT $121,004
Dontrell Ducker POLICE SERGEANT $120,364
Jason Melrose POLICE SERGEANT $119,645
Craig Haverty POLICE SERGEANT $118,243
Kishan Manning POLICE SERGEANT $117,871
Derek Bees POLICE LIEUTENANT $116,740
Lindsey Betsworth POLICE SERGEANT $116,588
Donald Pleiss POLICE SERGEANT $115,369
John Mcdaniel POLICE SERGEANT $114,988
Dustin Franks POLICE SERGEANT $114,312
Matthew Hoffman POLICE SERGEANT $113,811
Sean Vest POLICE SERGEANT $113,741
Daniel German POLICE SERGEANT $113,572
Robert Markve POLICE SERGEANT $110,467
Scott Miller POLICE SERGEANT $110,305
Larry Lampman POLICE SERGEANT $109,964
Michael C Jarvis POLICE OFFICER $109,124
Chad Heller POLICE OFFICER $108,786
David Chizek POLICE OFFICER $108,571
Joshua Maguire POLICE OFFICER $108,432
Christopher Abbott POLICE OFFICER $108,061
Jamey Murray POLICE OFFICER $105,759
Jordan Spencer POLICE OFFICER $105,329
Weston A Secrist POLICE OFFICER $105,303
Michael Brazda POLICE OFFICER $105,211
John Lowery Iii POLICE OFFICER $104,623
Matthew Mcginn POLICE OFFICER $104,458
Jonovan Hargiss POLICE OFFICER $104,346
Brian Benshoof POLICE SERGEANT $103,429
Ryan A Agustin POLICE OFFICER $103,381
Joseph Bailey POLICE OFFICER $103,141
Cody Albrecht POLICE OFFICER $101,682
Molly M Coon POLICE OFFICER $100,144

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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