Omaha Public Library

267 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Laura Marlane Library Director $180,939
Rachel A Steiner Assistant Library Director $118,539
Elizabeth A Johnson Librarian III $93,267
Emily J Mcardle Marketing Manager $92,664
Jason R Goossen Library Special Projects Manager $91,374
Linda L Miles Library Special Projects Manager $91,374
Jessica K Johnson Library Special Projects Manager $91,374
Stacy L Lickteig Librarian III $83,637
Deirdre A Routt Librarian II $82,826
Amy L Mather Librarian II $82,826
Lois C Imig Librarian II $82,826
Jennifer M Jazynka Librarian II $82,826
Julie M Humphrey Librarian II $82,826
Matthew B Couch Librarian II $82,826
Theresa A Jehlik Librarian II $82,826
Marvel A Maring Librarian II $82,826
Harold B Brick Iii Librarian II $82,826
Amy J Wenzl Librarian II $82,826
Casey L Kralik Librarian II $82,826
Lori A Nelson Librarian II $82,826
Autumn L Hill Librarian II $82,826
Nancy A Novotny Librarian II $81,078
Wendy L Robinson Office Manager $80,579
Kathryn C Lofgren Librarian II $79,414
Natalie Struecker Librarian II $76,086
Jenna L Garcia Executive Secretary $72,842
Travis L Wilcox Office Supervisor $71,718
Margaret R Petersen Library Special Projects Manager $71,178
Nancy A Chmiel Librarian I $70,928
Anna K Wilcoxon Librarian I $70,928
Jacob C Lee Librarian I $70,928
Rodney P Moorhead Library Technology Specialist $70,928
Karen L Berry Librarian I $70,928
Jeff A Pospisil Librarian I $70,928
Melanie F Schultz Librarian I $70,928
Mark P Sorensen Librarian I $70,928
Erin R Duerr Librarian I $70,928
Karen A Pietsch Librarian I $70,928
Martha I Grenzeback Harnik Librarian I $70,928
Bethany R Barelman Librarian II $69,430
Kristi L Townsend Graphics Specialist $68,952
Michelle J Carlson Librarian I $67,829
Rebecca A Bland Librarian I $67,829
Ashley Hamernik Librarian I $67,829
Cassandra K Urban Librarian I $64,709
Laurie J Hajek-Jones Office Supervisor $63,565
Janeth Hernandez Islas Librarian I $63,149
Samantha R Greenfield Librarian I $63,149
Angela Fernandez Librarian I $63,149
Sarah J Micheels Graphics Specialist $61,880

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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