Planning Department

144 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
David K Fanslau Planning Director $181,002
Eric C Englund City Planner IV $129,626
Anna M Bespoyasny Superintendent – Permits and Inspections $128,939
Stuart A Craven Application Development Manager $123,926
Edward A Dantzler City Planner III $122,658
Jed D Moulton City Planner III $122,658
Michael R Carter City Planner III $115,669
Derek L Miller City Planner III $115,669
Steven D Zivny City Planner III $115,669
Bridget A Hadley City Planner III $115,669
Jennifer M Nielsen City Planner III $115,669
Kellie L Johnston Dorsey City Planner IV $112,902
Gerald W Lawson Senior Applications Analyst $110,926
Thomas S Roza Project Manager $97,864
Jesus H Perez Plan Examiner $94,952
Frank J Reida Plan Examiner $94,952
Gregory Paskach City Planner III $94,411
Patrick A Sweeney Senior Applications Analyst $94,266
Donald A Seten City Planner $93,267
Timothy W Fries City Planner $93,267
Louis A Wright Project Manager $93,101
Michael J Grothe Plan Examiner $92,643
Le H Nguyen Plan Examiner $92,643
Thomas E Phipps Chief Mechanical Inspector $91,187
Donald F Gerjevic Chief Electrical Inspector $91,187
Michael W Wilwerding Chief Building Inspector $91,187
Alyssa L Silhacek City Planner III $90,875
Elisabeth D Smith City Planner $90,542
Robert M Laroco City Planner $87,776
Joyce M Stevens City Planner $84,989
Wyatt P Tuell City Planner $84,989
Daniel M May City Planner $84,989
Patrick J Butler City Planner $84,989
Kevin M Carder City Planner $84,989
Michele M Mckizia City Planner $84,989
Clifford J Todd City Planner $84,989
Nicole D Engels City Planner $84,989
Sarah A Frederick City Planner $84,989
Amy B Bresel City Planner $84,989
Martin E Gomez Chief Plumbing Inspector $84,323
Scott A Lane Chief Housing Inspector $84,323
Richard D Hawthorne Office Manager $84,136
Jacob D Placzek City Planner $82,222
Daniel Knapp Applications Analyst $81,661
Konal J Dobson City Planner $79,435
Marianna L Foral City Planner $79,435
Mark T Laux Construction Specialist $78,707
David B Janousek Construction Specialist $78,707
David A Barajas Construction Specialist $78,707
Edward S Winkler Jr Construction Specialist $78,707

Organization notes

The City of Omaha provided an annual salary and overtime total for each employee. We combined those numbers to create a total.

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