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Name Title Department Total Pay
Travis T Hurd FIREFIGHTER Fire $65,579
Michael Bailey AEO III Streets Streets $65,278
Glenn Shannon WW Maintenance Technician Wastewater $65,045
Edwin Foreman CODE ENFORCEMENT TECH Code Enforcement $64,978
Nathan R Ridley POLICE OFFICER Police $64,839
Michael Schroeder BUILDING INSPECTOR Permits and Inspections $64,410
Christopher Jobe FIREFIGHTER Fire $63,688
Krista Carlson P&I OFFICE MANAGER Permits and Inspections $63,570
Isnardo Salgado SENIOR FIRE TECHNICIAN Fleet Maintenance $63,305
Paul G Woolery WW Maintenance Mechanic Wastewater $63,272
Stephen Kwasniewski DIESEL TECHNICIAN II Fleet Maintenance $63,168
Theresa Martin Accounting Clerk II Finance $63,057
Scott Parks PARTS KEEPER II Fleet Maintenance $62,999
Alex Marshall AEO II Parks Parks $62,804
Michelle Bagby Human Resources Assistant Admin Services $62,527
Laurel Gardner ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY PW (Admin) $62,410
Nicholaus A Kleinschmidt PUBLIC WORKS ENGINEER I PW (Admin) $62,271
Dan Blaha Cemetery Caretaker Cemetery $61,755
Darryl Kuhlman CODE ENF. INSPECTOR Code Enforcement $61,431
Mary J Lamprecht Accounting Clerk II Finance $61,208
Dustin Sheldon BUILDING INSPECTOR Permits and Inspections $60,876
Patrick Barrett WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $60,774
Chatelle C Ogea POLICE OFFICER Police $60,756
Larry Chaffee CUSTODIAN Building Maintenance $60,724
Charles Alback FABRICATION TECHNICIAN Fleet Maintenance $60,371
Albert Drelicharz FABRICATION TECHNICIAN Fleet Maintenance $60,279
Ronald Chandler MAINTENANCE WORKER III Building Maintenance $59,611
Kathleen Austin SECRETARY Streets $59,548
Karen Chandler SECRETARY Parks $59,538
Constance Barnard LIBRARIAN I Library $58,957
Courtney M Clark PAYROLL SPECIALIST Admin Services $58,899
Cynthia Bishop SECRETARY Fleet Maintenance $58,850
Juan Chavez Jr. WW Maintenance Repairer Wastewater $58,738
Ryne J Fischer AEO I Streets Streets $58,158
Nicholas Pierce FIRE CAPTAIN Fire $57,925
Timothy Bashus AEO I Parks Parks $57,853
Michelle Bullock LIBRARIAN I Library $57,692
Brenda L Meyer P&I TECHNICIAN Permits and Inspections $57,659
Dianna Vanhorn SECRETARY Planning $57,183
Jerry Niemier AEO I Parks Parks $57,176
Justin J Drowne AUTOMOTIVE TECHNICIAN II Fleet Maintenance $57,141
Stephen C Mills WW Maintenance Mechanic Wastewater $55,525
Jennifer Bosiljevac RECORDS TECHNICIAN Police $55,284
Patresse Rieple CLERK II Police $55,244
Jami Schares RECORDS TECHNICIAN Police $55,092
Trigg R Wold CODE ENF. INSPECTOR Code Enforcement $55,024
Juanita Dixon CLERK II Police $54,795
Jenny Mizener CLERK II Fire $54,619
Kevin R Ponec AEO I Streets Streets $53,666

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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