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Name Title Department Total Pay
Jared L Meisinger FABRICATION TECHNICIAN Fleet Maintenance $53,497
Scott M Logeman AEO II Streets Streets $53,466
Clinton Wilson Sign Technician Streets $53,359
Randy K Newquist FIREFIGHTER Fire $53,099
Jimmy L Steinbach AEO III Streets Streets $52,763
Araceli Vazquez PROP & EVIDENCE TECH Police $52,057
Samantha L Spacher PROP & EVIDENCE TECH Police $51,595
Nicole Clark SECRETARY Police $51,478
Gabrielle R Zaleski Intelligence Analyst Police $51,467
James Bartley POLICE OFFICER Police $51,238
Clair Lacosse Library Specialist II Library $50,747
Becky L Simpson CODE ENFORCEMENT TECH Code Enforcement $50,556
Brian Hale AEO II PARK CHEMICAL Parks $50,465
Donald Decker WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $50,384
Melissa A Spencer SECRETARY Admin Services $50,027
Matthew G Goshinska AEO I Streets Streets $49,960
William Brewer AEO II Streets Streets $49,920
Buddy S Whited Sign Technician Streets $49,727
Gerald B Kluthe AEO I Parks Parks $49,595
Michael Beccard Landscape Specialist Building Maintenance $49,472
Alicia B Robbins City Attorney City Attorney $49,465
Mary A Kankovsky ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY PW (Admin) $49,313
James Dillon AEO I Streets Streets $48,999
James R Zymola AEO II Streets Streets $48,984
Austin J Shook POLICE OFFICER Police $48,964
Roberto Recinos Hernandez WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $48,582
Matthew Bishop POLICE OFFICER Police $48,504
Donald A Welch MAINTENANCE WORKER II Building Maintenance $47,981
Sheri J O’Neill SECRETARY Wastewater $47,854
Amy L Flanagan POLICE OFFICER Police $47,630
Jeremy V White AEO I Parks Parks $47,507
Lisa Vetter OPS Coordinator Police $47,337
Daniel T Kwasniewski Automotive Servicer Fleet Maintenance $47,250
Joan Hull MINI BUS DRIVER Admin Services $46,267
Dencemore D Adolphus WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $46,106
Barbara Farrell SECRETARY Library $46,082
David C Weaver AEO I Streets Streets $46,021
Alex P Parsons POLICE OFFICER Police $45,456
Alan E Crane AEO I Streets Streets $45,128
Robert E Gue Cemetery Caretaker Cemetery $44,597
Richard D Gammell AEO I Streets Streets $44,164
Jacob R Carter AEO I Parks Parks $43,677
David Bagby MINI BUS DRIVER Admin Services $41,945
Charles R Rush AEO I Streets Streets $41,852
Tyler Brom POLICE OFFICER Police $41,734
Michael A Duffy CUSTODIAN Building Maintenance $41,358
Curt Johnson MINI BUS DRIVER Admin Services $41,112
James M Wagner LIBRARY SPECIALIST Library $40,706
Maggie F Larson PROP & EVIDENCE TECH Police $39,967
Brent W Ludwig AEO I Streets Streets $36,834

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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