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Name Title Department Total Pay
Todd L Meadows POLICE OFFICER Police $36,556
Linda Obrien CLERK II Police $35,092
Brandilyn R Kanawyer LIBRARIAN I Library $35,026
Anastasia L Schrader POLICE OFFICER Police $34,516
Crystal L Anderson LIBRARIAN I Library $34,477
Brandon M Stogsdill POLICE OFFICER Police $32,305
Kristine Woods LIBRARIAN I Library $31,966
Chadd Addison FOREMAN II Parks Parks $30,000
Mario J Hatcher CODE ENF. INSPECTOR Code Enforcement $28,764
Brandon T Glynn CUSTODIAN Building Maintenance $27,652
David C Buza WW Maintenance Mechanic Wastewater $26,490
Julian Guerrero AEO I Streets Streets $25,916
Todd Addison FOREMAN II Parks Parks $25,000
Michael Almsteier Jr. Supply Technician Fire $24,372
Michele A Mckeone AMBULANCE BILLING CLERK Fire $24,324
Suzanne Quinn CLERK Recreation $24,067
Logan J Allan AEO I Parks Parks $23,209
Michaela A Riehle FIREFIGHTER Fire $22,872
Patricia Kochenderfer ADMINISTRATIVE SECRETARY Police $22,764
Leo W Hike Jr. Mayor Mayor $21,782
Angelo V Mercaldi AEO I Streets Streets $21,584
Todd G Coyer AEO I Streets Streets $20,899
Bret A Kankovsky AEO I Parks Parks $19,285
Melissa Moore LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $17,934
Felicia Lacosse LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $17,682
Thomas Burns COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
Richard D Casey COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
Paul Cook COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
Gerald D Mccaw COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
Donald Preister COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
Kathryn A Welch COUNCIL MEMBER City Council $17,633
James-Nicholas A Enos LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $17,586
Jack C Gage AEO I Parks Parks $16,888
Donald D Murray Iii WW Maintenance Mechanic Wastewater $16,322
Colin F Anderson POLICE OFFICER Police $15,949
Isaias L Sarrameda-Rosario POLICE OFFICER Police $15,949
Allison Ross SHELVER Library $15,819
Emily N Sheley LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $15,398
Melissa Hagerty LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $15,297
Leonne N Vertner LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $14,672
Doris Manderscheid SHELVER Library $14,269
Rachael R Foreman LIBRARY CLERK PART TIME Library $14,218
John F Krager Iii MGR OF ENGINEERING SVCS PW (Admin) $13,285
Dustin English WW Maintenance Worker Wastewater $12,838
Elizabeth C Vertner SHELVER Library $12,785
David Divoky Supply Technician Fire $11,967
Nathaniel L Holste AEO I Streets Streets $11,962
Bryan J Hull POLICE OFFICER Police $11,856
Wayne Lacosse BACK UP MINIBUS DRIVER Admin Services $11,835
Douglas C Sullivan AEO I Streets Streets $10,963

Organization notes

The City of Bellevue provided a “regular earnings” number, which we called salary, and a gross pay number, which we called total. We subtracted the salary from the total to create “additional pay.”

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