02.Mayor’s Department

23 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Tyre James Mcdowell Administrative Assistant to the Mayor $133,039
Dylan J Wren Program Manager $100,553
Beau A Wolfe Public Information Specialist III $78,772
Grace Ruth Willnerd Professional/Technical Worker $145,600
Ryan Daniel Uher Community Resource Specialist $55,355
Jonathan P Taylor Public Information Specialist II $69,210
Jesse Daniel Starita Public Information Specialist III $73,886
Riley M Slezak Administrative Assistant to the Mayor $80,001
Mairead Safranek Rew Administrative Assistant to the Mayor $94,688
Linda K Quenzer Ombudsman $82,066
Jamie R Phillips Executive Assistant $102,405
Austin Micah Oltmans Public Information Specialist II $55,313
Leirion G Baird Mayor $99,255
Jessica Lynn Lindhurst Excluded Office Specialist $47,543
Justin R Kohmetscher Internet Support Specialist $78,424
Cheri Lorraine Howard Executive Aide $66,055
Janet Lynne Hayes Economic Development Specialist $84,117
Emily Marie Haney Public Information Specialist II $57,113
Melissa M Fuller Public Information Specialist II $71,456
Daley C Eldorado Excluded Office Specialist $48,730
Jon D Carlson Administrative Assistant to the Mayor $114,180
Kelli Marie Britten Chief Communications Officer $98,351
Amanda Nadine Barker Administrative Assistant to the Mayor $106,540

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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