10.Human Resources Department

32 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Brittany Kay Mcconnell Senior Human Resources Specialist $69,736
Tristan Anthony Zamilpa Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Melissa Lynn Zahourek Human Resources Manager $100,811
Leshara Melanie Ways Senior Human Resources Specialist $69,736
Jonathan Wade Thober Senior Human Resources Business Partner $100,784
Angela L Skrivan Employee Engagement Division Leader $127,308
Amy L Sadler Human Resources Manager $100,811
Jamie Lynn Sabata Human Resources Representative $54,629
Mark Joseph Robertson Safety Program Administrator $92,699
Angela Lynne Pearson Human Resources Specialist $67,868
Cody J Parker Human Resources Information System Division Leader $126,895
Elizabeth Jean Olson Benefits Specialist $92,699
Sarah Rose Murtagh Risk Management Division Leader $123,488
Stephanie Laurel Mitchell Senior Human Resources Specialist $84,321
Malerie Ann Mcnair Executive Secretary $60,886
Barbara D Mcintyre Human Resources Director $183,801
Kady Nicole Baer Senior Human Resources Business Partner $100,784
Michelle Renee Madison Human Resources Representative $54,629
Paul D Lutomski Pension Officer $138,455
Paula E Lueders Senior Human Resources Specialist $79,868
Laura Ann Leppky Talent Acquisition Division Leader $116,700
Amanda Sue Krohn Human Resources Information Systems Analyst $97,334
April Marie Kovar Human Resources Specialist $64,282
Ariane Irafasha Professional/Technical Worker $29,120
Kent D Imig Claims and Insurance Administrator $110,074
Kari Marie Hockemeier Senior Human Resources Business Partner $100,784
Christina Marie Hernandez Learning and Organizational Development Division Leader $119,995
Melissa Jean Haecker Human Resources Specialist $71,650
Nicole K Gross Total Rewards Division Leader $124,656
Carmen Joyce Flynn Human Resources Representative $53,163
Karen K Eurich Human Resources Service Center Manager $101,350
Barbara J Boggs Senior Human Resources Specialist $89,022

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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