13.Urban Development Department

24 employees

Name Title Total Pay
Wynn S Hjermstad Urban Development Manager $120,806
Scott N Vrbka Assistant Parking Manager $95,763
Elizabeth Grace Switzer Right-of-Way Specialist $49,061
Mary J Stanley Housing Rehabilitation Specialist II $75,450
Bradd A Schmeichel Urban Development Program Specialist $89,829
Hallie E Salem Urban Development Manager $120,806
Loren Roberts Housing Rehabilitation Specialist II $79,600
Jennifer Kohl Roark Right-of-Way Specialist $58,319
Patricia A Posey Ribeiro Urban Development Manager $108,961
Kristina K Nydahl Executive Secretary $75,650
Sean P Mcclatchey Urban Development Program Specialist $92,751
Vayda Grayce Kirshman Community Resource Specialist $66,947
Michelle R Backemeyer Real Estate and Relocation Assistance Agent $91,191
Peter David Dustin Hind Director of Urban Development $165,000
Jennifer Lynne Hiatt Planner II $89,829
Justin W Hertzler Housing Rehabilitation Specialist I $63,003
Nicholas Rain Fogerty Community Resource Specialist $66,947
Julie Marie Fitzgerald Office Specialist $47,251
Kurt J Elder GIS Analyst $95,763
Kristine A Egan Office Specialist $44,250
Ernesto Castillo Planner II $101,989
Ronald L Cane Accountant $78,772
Anthony M Bisesi Parking Manager $112,771
Lucas C Best Planner I $77,601

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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