06.Finance Department

91 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Kyle A Petersen Network Administrator I $89,457
David S Scheuler Assistant City Controller $92,751
Shelby Ann Schaefer Assistant City Controller $86,994
Stephanie Lynn Sargent Accounting Supervisor $55,008
Carina Sanchez Payroll Clerk $59,374
Michael R Rose Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Sandra L Rocke Office Specialist $50,450
James W Ring Payroll Specialist $66,055
Sandra K Ries Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Christopher E Plock Systems Software Integrator $110,841
Donald L Phares Fiber Network and Right-of-way Manager $141,916
Soulinnee Phan City Clerk $98,272
Heather L Schmehl Account Clerk III $50,084
Chad A Peters Systems Software Integrator $110,841
Roni R Olander Payroll Administrator $84,321
Claire Yvonne Oglesby Budget and Administrative Analyst $85,638
Nghia Trung Nguyen Accountant $62,957
Sharon R Mulder Assistant Purchasing Agent $86,852
Tanner C Moormeier Technology Support Specialist II $82,445
Gae R Miller Accounting Supervisor $64,740
Adam Roy Miller Systems Project Supervisor $105,273
Jessica Erin Mehrhoff Assistant Purchasing Agent $74,000
John E Ludwig Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Terry Lee Wensel Technology Support Specialist I $65,682
Scott L Zimmerman Enterprise Systems Administrator $122,208
Kristine Ann Young Accountant $67,124
Erin L Yardley Budget and Administrative Analyst $85,638
Sherry L Wolf-Drbal Budget Officer $140,984
Tamara Beth Wissing City Treasurer $133,940
Seth Thomas Wilson Payroll Specialist $64,282
Shane E Willoughby Systems Software Integrator $83,102
Kelsey Brooke Wiiest Assistant City Controller $84,248
Mark Alan Wieting Professional/Technical Worker $124,800
Rodney V Whitehall Technology Support Specialist I $65,682
Patrick R Wenzl City Fleet Manager $112,771
Andrea S Ludwig Accounting Supervisor $63,003
Nicholas J Wemhoff Systems Project Supervisor $120,806
Brad L Weakly Network Infrastructure Manager $138,628
Terry L Warner Technology Support Specialist II $84,720
Matthew William Vincent Network Administrator I $73,963
Timothy A Travis Enterprise Systems Administrator $122,208
Maitland Joan Thompson Senior Office Assistant $38,969
Tim L Storer Technology Support Specialist II $89,457
Gregory S Stohs Network Administrator I $89,457
Carl J Steffen Enterprise Systems Administrator $122,208
Anna Christine Bonifacio Sison Office Specialist $47,251
Angela L Dudek Accounting Supervisor $64,740
Curtis John Helgoth Network Supervisor $108,961
Leroy A Heier Network Administrator I $89,457
Lyn Elwin Heaton Finance Director $183,801

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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