20.Aging Partners

150 employees

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Name Title Total Pay
Mitzi L Aden Professional/Technical Worker $43,707
Elizabeth H Bernt Aging Specialist III $70,231
Freddie Berry Intermediate Level Worker $30,950
Patricia R Bethune Aging Specialist IV $67,124
Lorie Ann Bishop Intermediate Level Worker $27,040
Anthony Louis Blair Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Kaye E Bourn Aging Specialist III $58,078
Corinne Marie Bowles Aging Specialist III $59,675
Kelle J Brandt Aging Specialist II $60,684
Allen Charles Bruhn Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Laura Jane Buethe Aging Specialist III $61,320
Raymond C Burney Intermediate Level Worker $29,120
Kendall M Carlson Intermediate Level Worker $30,950
Paul Eugene Carpenter Intermediate Level Worker $29,806
Nancy E Castillo Aging Specialist III $66,523
Melissa J Cerra Aging Specialist III $70,231
Paula S Chamberlain Aging Specialist II $60,684
Mary Susan Chirnside Professional/Technical Worker $50,103
Mark William Clymer Intermediate Level Worker $29,120
Gloria G Coil Intermediate Level Worker $30,534
Laurie A Consbruck Aging Specialist I $52,578
Nickalus Gordon Davis Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Kenneth Joseph Dolezal Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Adam Scott Dotson Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Anna M Dunbar Aging Specialist III $56,516
Michael Richard Durst Intermediate Level Worker $29,578
Jacquelyn A Eden Aging Specialist IV $78,772
Deborah A Elrod Office Specialist $55,675
Brianna Leslie Enciso Intermediate Level Worker $29,120
Jill Christine Engel Aging Program Coordinator $74,000
Kristyn Lynn Essink Aging Specialist III $55,008
Alma Gail Fickenscher Professional/Technical Worker $48,880
Nancy Gayle Field Intermediate Level Worker $29,349
Jacqueline L Fleming Professional/Technical Worker $51,353
Tracie L Foreman Professional/Technical Worker $54,080
Raymond Forycki Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Valerie Jo Franssen Aging Specialist IV $71,562
Herbert Lynn Fultz Intermediate Level Worker $24,960
Michael J Gardner Aging Specialist I $44,672
Pamela Anne Glen Aging Specialist III $58,078
Kelly Lynne Grimes Aging Specialist III $59,675
Mary P Gross Aging Specialist III $70,231
Zachary William Hajek Food Service Worker $39,239
Jennifer J Hartman Administrative Officer $91,191
Suzanne M Hatfield Aging Specialist II $51,553
Matthew D Helgenberger Para-Professional/Technical Worker $41,600
Amy Joan Hemje Aging Specialist III $63,003
Ann Marguerite Heydt Aging Specialist I $51,176
Jean L Holt Aging Services Supervisor $81,600
Colby J Hoshor Systems Specialist III $72,355

Organization notes

The City of Lincoln only provided an annualized full time salary figure. It does not include overtime and does not represent the gross pay received by individual employees.

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